The Logistics of Doe Pee

An Iowa couple saw a peculiar business opportunity and with a little creative ingenuity, launched their American dream.

When you are taking a long stroll around the woods and you see a little fawn drinking from a creek, joined by its mother, what do you think? How lovely nature is? Hope not to scare it? Here’s what you should be thinking… Grab a cup and collect its pee! According to Judi Collora and her husband Sam, you’d be crazy not to.

The Iowan couple, Sam and Judi Collora, built an entire business around doe pee. They founded the company, Mrs. Doe Pee’s Buck Lures. In 1987, Judi Collora bought a whitetail fawn for Sam to use as a reference for his whitetail taxidermy. From there, a herd grew.

The business idea crept in when they realized fresh doe urine performed better at luring bucks than the preserved, processed version sold on the market. Voila, a business was born. The entire operation runs flawlessly and proves that this world has infinite business possibilities for a wide variety of lifestyles. Along with a group of employees, they tend to a urine happy herd of whitetail deer. The 130 gentle creatures call this farm in Mount Pleasant, Iowa their home.

With all farmhands on deck, they do it all. From raising the deer to tending their needs, the Colloras oversee every part of their operation. Eventually, yes, they collect the urine and ship it out all year long.

A Scent Only a Buck Would Love

Hunters mask their own smell using the scent and pheromones from the urine. If you use the correct scent from the right type of deer at the right season, under the right conditions, you are more likely to bag a buck. You can make it think that another deer has recently been in the area or is still there. What the deer does next is conditioned by what it smells. Does it stay? Does it go towards it? Does it ignore you?

Getting the Gold

Before your imagination takes you to a scene where they are running after a hundred deer with cups trying to get them to pee, let’s venture into the process. The golden liquid has a proprietary collection system. Sam Collora invented and engineered a system of runways that actually directs the bucks and does into pens and stalls for handling. Some enclosures have several. The urine is collected during the fall months in a two-story barn, when the does are in estrus. The deer are on the top floor, and their urine drips through grates into vats on the first floor. The pee falls through a slotted floor and is funneled into a vat. Once full, the vat is then refrigerated.

Organic may be a trend, but it’s serious business here. Since the beginning of their venture, the Colloras wanted to have a product that was as natural as it could be. Like anything else, preservatives and chemicals added to the urine lower its effectiveness. There is a myth in their world, that the worse the smell of the urine, the more potent it is. But actually, they were used to the stench created by the preservatives and processes that the urine went through.

This is no mere feat. When you don’t have preservatives, it can go bad quickly. It had to be put into containers and hastily shipped to their destinations. In addition, it required refrigeration the whole way. And everything was accomplished, but was there a better way? The couple turned to science. A professor in Iowa who specialized in freeze-drying methods had the answer that Judi needed in 1995. She stumbled upon the perfect scientific solution… powder. The entrepreneurs bought a machine that turned their product into powder with a much longer shelf life. With this, they changed the game forever.

An Exceptional Lure

Whenever the Colloras hunt, a piece of fabric, soaked in the urine trails behind them.  He says it best, “I tie a 2-foot length of string to the ankle of my boot. On the other end is a square of absorbent material that I spray with urine. The important thing is to heat up the scent trail by applying urine every 60 to 80 yards as you walk. Otherwise, a buck that hits the trail will track it toward the strongest scent — which leads back to your truck.”

Using a series of techniques, walking around his post in certain directions, he creates a false sense of security for the target using the wind. Sam sets it up for success perfectly. A lot of people may say it does not work, but the successes and results when done right prove otherwise.

Through ingenuity and hard work. The Colloras are a symbol of success in America. They own a sporting goods store, and this is just one of the products they include in their catalog. Their store includes everything from deer pee to paintball guns and supplies. Plans for a new farm are in the wind.

So, the next time you see a deer peeing, you might react differently. The lesson is clear, with inspiration, ingenuity and good old-fashioned hard work, anything is possible in America. For more information about this ingenious couple, visit their website at www.mrsdoepee.com/