Katy Bowman is Breaking the Sedentary Habit

Teaching people simple movements, she helps stabilize and strengthen the whole body for whole life goals.

Katy Bowman is a renowned biomechanist, author, and science communicator. She fuses her scientific knowledge with her passion for movement and creates a perfect prescription to treat today’s pandemic of sedentary lifestyles.

Bowman is the founder of the Nutritious Movement, which is designed to help people move and feel better. She develops and provides simple and practical daily changes people can make to become more physically active.

A Matter of Movement

Our world as we know it is in a crisis. Currently, there is a worldwide trend toward inactive lifestyles  that can lead to an increase in chronic diseases and even early death.

The American culture is seemingly fascinated with quick fixes and diet plans, but Katy Bowman argues that it’s less about a quick fix, and more about a paradigm shift when it comes to our body’s movement. In fact, according to Bowman in her book Move Your DNA, “movement, like food, is not optional; that ailment you may be experiencing are simply (and complexly) symptoms of movement hunger in response to a movement diet that is dangerously low in terms of quantity and poor in terms of quality —meaning you aren’t getting the full spectrum of movement nutrition necessary for a baseline human function.”

Believe it or not, conventional exercise is only a small way that we can be more active in our everyday life. It is movement that is transformative and can be incorporated into anyone’s daily routine.

According to Bowman, what fascinates her the most when it comes to movement is “the technical precision of academic work as well as figuring out how to create jargon-free explanations of human movement.” She is constantly working to add more movement to her life and in the world by applying the mechanics of movement in an actionable way that’s teachable for others to follow.

That’s where her concepts and her company, Nutritious Movement, comes in.

Every Body Benefits

Nutritious Movement seeks to create a more balanced and healthy “movement diet” regardless of a person’s current health condition, young or old. This is because in our society, our cells are not receiving all of the movement they should — even if someone lives what is considered to be an active lifestyle. Most people sit behind a desk for long hours in a day, sit in their car, sit on their couch, etc.

According to Bowman, most of our day is spent starving our bodies of crucial movement. This, in turn has made our bodies stiff and basic movements become more difficult to perform over time. Nutritious Movement helps people begin to move better while also educating them in the “why” behind the movement.

The website offers information on how to live a movement-rich life. There are educational reads that combine biomechanics, kinesiology, physiology, and natural movement along with simple exercises to help optimize the body’s cellular engagement. There are even instructions on expanding movement with the environment nature provides and building a nature-movement community.

The Movement Movement

In addition to founding and producing the majority of the material for Nutritious Movement, Bowman has also written many books on the matter. Her first book was Simple Steps to Foot Pain Relief which goes in depth about how a person’s foot pain is likely related to the physiological state of their feet.

Bowman’s most well-known book, Move Your DNA, goes in-depth, explaining differences between typical exercise and the other basic movements that a body needs to really thrive and make use of all of its cells. Bowman explains how vital it is that we are moving in our daily lives. Other books written by Bowman include Alignment Matters: The First Five Years of Katy Says, Whole Body Barefoot, Don’t Just Sit There, Diastasis Recti, Movement Matters, and Dynamic Aging.

She also writes a blog for Nutritious Movement covering a variety of topics with titles like Spring Cleaning Your Body, Why and How to Pelvic List, More Movement for Babies and Kids, You Can Read and Move at the Same Time, and more. Bowman offers highly practical and easily applicable ways for a person to incorporate more cell movement in their everyday activities – even if they still are working at a desk job from 9-5 every day.

Aside from her writing, Bowman also offers workshops and hosts the Nutritious Movement Podcast, which currently has over three-million downloads.

Whether she’s teaching a class in person or online, writing another book, traveling around the globe, being interviewed on the Today Show, or spending time with her husband and children, Katy Bowman has made it her life’s mission to make sure she is in constant movement and encourages others to do the same.

Here’s one of Bowman’s simple exercises that reaps big benefits, a Valentine’s Day exercise from her Facebook page:

  • put down your phone (you’re welcome)
  • give yourself a hug, working your hands as far behind you as you can
  • relax your head forward
  • take 3-4 slow breaths
  • lift your elbows and breathe there a few times
  • repeat, crossing the other arm on top
  • go find someone else and give them a hug. Love yourself, love others.

In a world where most people are sitting at a desk for eight hours a day and then sitting in their car or couch after work, the Nutritious Movement has come at an incredibly crucial and pivotal time. There’s no time like the present to start moving your body for an improved life.

Feel free to peruse the tons of information and simple exercises at nutritiousmovement.com and get moving with this innovative approach to good health.