Kevin Stone: Hollywood Hypnotist

Ever daydreamed,  realized you’ve driven past your exit,  or been totally engrossed in a movie? You’ve experienced a natural hypnosis!

Having hypnotized over 1 million people, internationally acclaimed hypnotist, Kevin Stone, is still going strong helping people overcome their battles with stopping smoking, losing weight, conquering phobias, and managing stress among many other of life’s issues.  Best known as the Hollywood Hypnotist, Stone’s been called upon by celebrities for the past 25 years and is the owner and CEO of two companies Mind Growth Technologies and Deep Sleep Entertainment. He’s known as the only nationally recognized hypnotist for his work with high-profile celebrities, sports figures and politicians.

 An Extraordinary Hypnotist

Beverly Hills, California is home to Stone’s world-famous hypnotherapy clinic and is where he helps over a hundred clients weekly. He treats clients dealing with past trauma, intrusive thoughts, anxiety, and addiction. As a hypnosis consultant, he has been instrumental in treating TMJ, autism, and eating disorders.  His natural approach helps people make positive and lasting changes in their lives without the use of medication.

Law enforcement agencies, doctors, dentists, psychologists, and attorneys have all benefited from Stone’s hypnotic abilities. He leads seminars, workshops, and training programs for Fortune 500 companies, pro and college sports teams, real estate companies, along with many other organizations and institutions.

Check out the video below to see Kevin in a Hypnotherapy Session


Raising Public Awareness

Often quoted and consulted by newspaper, film, and TV producers, Kevin has made hundreds of appearances on top TV shows like MTV’S hit show Teen Mom OG, Good Morning Live, Extra, Fox News,  ABC News,  NBC News, Fox and Friends, The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, Celebrity Fit Club, The Tyra Banks Show, and many others. In addition to television, you may have heard him on the radio or read about him in the Globe, Star, Cosmopolitan, National Enquirer, Los Angeles Times, or other printed and online media.

Among his credentials, he is listed in the Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs. A board-certified hypnosis trainer, he has been endorsed by the National Guild of Hypnotists where he has been a member since 1995. He is also a recognized leader, pioneer, and historian in the clinical field of hypnotherapy.

Internationally acclaimed as an expert in the psychology of getting results, Stone has helped thousands of individuals seeking to reach their full potential through personal consultations, group venues, and with his self- help materials. He has authored various programs for his Total Power Programming available on CDs including Stop Smoking Now, Lose Weight Now, and Achieve Success Now, along with many other programs offered through his website.

Focused on His Dream

Stone’s fascination with hypnosis started at an early age and continued to be cultivated as he grew to adulthood. In pursuit of his dream career in hypnosis, he sold his business and enrolled in the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI), the only accredited college of hypnosis. While there, he was under the tutelage of Dr. John Kappas, world renowned founder of Hypnosis Motivation Institute. He graduated with degrees of Master Hypnotist and Certified Hypnotherapist and then went on to earn the title of Board-Certified Hypnotherapist.

In 1993, he was a teacher and therapist at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. In 1995, he formed his two successful companies: Mind Growth Technologies, a full-service hypnotherapy clinic, and Deep Sleep Entertainment, for hypnotic entertainment. His dazzling stage productions along with his wit and charm are real crowd pleasers’. Audiences around the world are captivated by Stone’s hypnotic demonstrations.

Full-audience participation is what makes his live comedy stage hypnosis shows so enjoyable; receiving rave reviews as being the most entertaining and funniest in country. He is quite at home entertaining at major theme parks, fairs, conventions, colleges, and corporate events earning him the name, Master of Suggestion. Between his shows, Stone applies his expertise in hypnotherapy treatments and teaching.  In addition to that, he is a life coach, a presenter, and a keynote speaker.

Hypnosis According to the Expert

Many people are apprehensive about hypnosis, thinking it is a sort of mind control or even fake. In actuality, hypnosis is a tool used to enhance the state of awareness achieved through guided relaxation, heightened concentration, and focused attention. Stone demystifies hypnosis for our readers:

Aside from entertainment, Stone says hypnosis is often used in the medical and dental fields. It is used by psychologists and psychiatrists as an adjunct to their treatments. Self-hypnosis is integral to biofeedback, meditation, and yoga. Athletes use self-hypnosis to focus on “getting into the zone” during competition.

He says anyone can be hypnotized and describes hypnosis as “a natural, organic, and normal state of mind in which the body experiences a state of deep physical relaxation while the mind remains clear, alert, and focused. A person naturally enters this state many times during a normal day — just most of us are not aware that it is happening.” We all experience “a natural state of hypnosis called ‘environmental hypnosis.’”

People can tell if they are hypnotized depending on how aware they are of changes felt in their bodies. He explains, “It also depends on how deep into the hypnotic state the person has allowed himself to drift. You may experience sensations of feeling very light or floating, very heavy, tingling sensations, dry mouth, or just pleasantly relaxed.”

People under hypnosis are not asleep even though they appear to be, but rather, they are in a deep state of physical relaxation. All senses are magnified up to ten times according Stone. A person is actually more alert and aware while under hypnosis than in a wake state. He says that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis and that the hypnotist merely guides a person into the hypnotic state.

“Hypnosis is not being unconscious or being controlled. It is actually very similar to the state of meditation. In this world of unhealthy means of altering one’s consciousness, hypnosis is a fun and safe way, not to mention entertaining. It also provides an educational view of hypnotism and fun without the mysticism,” says Stone.

If you’re seeking personal empowerment, a life building strategy, enhanced interpersonal relationships, or to improve your quality of life, hypnosis may just be your ticket for success. Learn more from the expert, by visiting Kevin Stone’s website at www.hypnotist.com.