Kingsford SteakAger: Steakhouse Quality at Home

Now you can really have it your way —the finest dry aged beef made right in your kitchen.

Peter Luger’s … Pappas Brothers … Bern’s … Gibson’s … CUT, each and every one a worthy destination for those searching for the very best in steak.

What if you could duplicate these iconic restaurants in your own home for a fraction of the price?  Not Possible?  Think again…

A Superior Steak

One of the most universal myths about the finest steakhouses in America is that the unique flavor and textures of their steaks come from some special grades of meat that are only available to restaurants.  In actuality, the secret to great steak is dry aging.  Steakhouses have known about this for decades, and it’s one of the many reasons why people simply give up when trying to duplicate it at home.

Dry aging is a process by which large cuts of beef are refrigerated with consistent air circulation taking anywhere from several weeks to several months, resulting in a much more flavorful and tender steak.  And now you can age your steaks, just like the pros, in your very own home, and enjoy the superior taste of dry-aged beef on your own dinner plate, at a fraction of what you’d pay to feed the family in style at a four- or five-star restaurant.

Be Your Own Steak Master

The SteakAger, made by Kingsford, changes everything … according to the experts.  Kingsford released their product at the end of 2018, and the reviews have been nothing short of outstanding.

Kingsford offers three sizes of SteakAger units, ranging from a small size that fits into your refrigerator, to a standalone system that comes in two sizes.  I had the pleasure of experiencing the mid-size unit, which retails for $599, is the size and appearance of a mini-fridge and holds between 25 and 30 pounds of beef.

All you really need to do is buy a cut of beef at your local grocery store or butcher, without having to search for prime beef.  From my research, I have learned that choice beef works just as well as prime beef when it comes to the final product.  However, I leave that decision to you and your experiments.

Next, throw (or gently place it, if you prefer) your beef into the SteakAger, and forget about it for a while, allowing it to age for around 4 weeks.  Take it out of the SteakAger, trim off the pellicle (crust) on the outside, and get ready to cook the best beef you have had in years. It works with all types of beef — steaks, roasts, ribs — and, according to your taste and experiments, decide how long you wish to age the beef for the ultimate result.

Professionals will age beef anywhere from 12 to 70 days, but when I have my opportunity to sample SteakAger beef, I’m going to begin with 4 weeks as I see “aged for 28 days” on many menus at quality steakhouses. However, I will be sure to have placed several cuts of beef into the unit so that my time experiments can continue at least on a weekly basis if not more frequently.

Behind the Process

I like that the SteakAger is made in the USA and the advanced technology behind it actually protects the meat throughout the aging process. The manufacturer built each unit complete with WiFi connectivity, UVC light technology that kills bacteria and mold, LED accents, humidity control, carbon filters for zero smell, and more. Having undergone endless hours of development and rigorous testing, the end product is a line of durable steak aging units that anyone can use.

SteakAger creates an environment for your steak just like the walk-in dry aging refrigerators fine steakhouses have. Units contain two fans creating uniform air circulation and a Himalayan salt satchel that adds flavor and enhances the drying process. Each SteakAger comes with a controller and proprietary software so the environment can be perfectly controlled. All this hefty technology is well concealed behind quality craftmanship and ease of use.

And just in case you’re curious, the dry aging process is an old world tradition that became popularized in the 1950s when butchers discovered the technique produces more tender and tasty meat. They found customers were willing to pay more for each cut of dry aged meat. The process actually breaks down connective tissue creating a more tender texture. Flavor becomes more richly concentrated as enzymes react with proteins and moisture evaporates. All this occurs in the perfect environment of a SteakAger unit which you can have right in your own kitchen.

For the Love of Steak

Mmmm, I’m having visions of being home and served a perfectly aged sizzling steak. My mouth is watering in anticipation for that first exquisite bite of tender bliss. Which will it be — NY strip, tenderloin, sirloin, T-bone, ribeye, porterhouse? OK, it’s Father’s Day, does anyone hear me?

You too can join the ranks of the country’s finest steakhouses. Check out Kingsford SteakAger at www.thesteakager.comand be sure to read their great tips, recipes, and view their how-to videos. Oh, and did I mention Father’s Day is almost here?