Krystle Wright
: Canon Master Photographer

Shooting on the Edge: One gutsy woman takes adventure photography where few dare to go.

What does it take to live the life of your dreams? For Krystle Wright, the sacrifice is massive. She’s suffered internal bodily damage, a fractured foot, blood clots, swallowed her own broken teeth, and more. But after each injury, she smiles at the camera and continues her journey. It is all, of course, worth it, when you get to live your life to the fullest, skyrocket to the top of your field, and have the freedom to follow your instincts without limitations. 

A Sense of Adventure 

Wright, a 31-year-old from Australia, is an adventure photographer, director, and cinematographer. She’s known for her extreme photographs taken at perplexing angles. Growing up in Australia, she’s used to beautiful scenery. When she was a child, you could find her surfing along the coast, playing sports, hiking, or exploring nature. In high school, she began toting a camera along with her and unknowingly began her lifelong mission to do whatever it takes to get the right shot. She started her professional career as a sports photographer, but soon became obsessed with travel. Photography gave her a reason to explore far off lands, meet new people, and engage with the world in a new way. 

And she’s made a name for herself doing it, as major outlets like National Geographic, The Huffington Post, and Red Bull have solicited her for her breathtaking photos. Propelled by passion, she’s traveled to all seven continents and 55 countries doing what she does best –capturing life in high definition. She’s photographed skiers gliding down the Barnard Glacier in Alaska, kite surfers catching wind on the Great Barrier Reef, and paragliders soaring over the Himalayas. 

Pushing the Envelope

“I’ve always been drawn to the world of the unknown and the uncharted,” she said. If she hasn’t been to a country, she’s got plans to go soon. “It’s thrilling to shoot unexplored territories and extreme activities,” she said. “When you have an unquenchable thirst for travel and telling your own story, nothing can stop you.” Wright’s passion for photography is living proof of that unstoppable force. In 2011, as she was trying to get the perfect shot of three people attempting to reach record-breaking altitudes while paragliding, she suffered some of her most serious injuries. An adventurer herself, Wright was paragliding while trying to get the photo. She was so focused on capturing the moment that she was blindsided as the wind blew her off track. She crashed into a boulder. The consequence?  A hematoma in her eye, numerous lacerations on her face, a torn ligament, and two fractures in her foot. While that would deter most others from picking up a camera again, it only motivated her. She calls them her “battle scars.”