Lila Lazarus: Up for the Challenge

Feeling right at home outside her comfort zone, she makes every day a new adventure.

Best known as an award-winning health reporter and television news anchor for 30 years in Michigan, Maryland, and Massachusetts, Lila Lazarus spends little time being idle. Outside of the newsroom, she takes on some impressive challenges that most of us only dream about.

“I’ve worked to inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle. And I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk or even run the run! I truly have a passion for everything ‘Good Health,’” she says in her Lila’s Good Health blog on the St. Joseph’s Mercy Health System website.

A Passion for Challenges

Her enthusiasm for adventure and pushing physical limits has taken her to swimming a 5-mile stretch in the Straits of Mackinac to raise funds for Mentor Michigan, a statewide organization that improves the lives of young people by matching them with mentors. Every fall she can be found climbing the magnificent red rock walls and spires of the Grand Canyon, a 48-mile climb. Her many feats have not gone unnoticed as she was appointed to the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness in 2007 and became Michigan’s Ambassador of Motorcycle Safety.

She has been practicing yoga since 2005 and is a certified yoga instructor who has taught yoga in the University of Michigan’s Big House and Little Ceasar’s Arena. Additionally, she runs marathons, triathlons, water skis, skydives, hikes, and recently rode her bicycle 300 miles in three days to raise money for Make-A-Wish. In her never ending search for adventure, Lila kayaks the Detroit River under a full Harvest Moon, officiates at weddings, did a five-day climb to the top of Machu Picchu, and has been known to water ski in the cold of December in Michigan.

“There’s no challenge too great for my passion to live a healthy lifestyle. I even had a colonoscopy procedure performed on live television to urge people to talk openly about the topic and be sure to have a colonoscopy by age 50,” she says. “Then when they lowered the age to 45, I had another colonoscopy live on facebook!  It’s all about inspiring people to take care of themselves.”

Making the Most of Life

After 30 years on the news, Lila has expanded from live television to live on stage.  She has cultivated a devoted audience for her public appearances and speeches. Her expert communication skills and masterful storytelling have earned her dozens of awards including multiple Emmy’s, Clarions, and other national awards in journalism. Sought-after as a motivational speaker, audiences are invigorated by her message to create their own adventure and cultivate courage to “align your outward actions with your inward dreams and passions.”  Lila convinces people that all things are possible.” Her upbeat, uplifting style has enabled her to easily connect with people, encouraging them to uproot themselves from their comfort zone and live the life they’ve always dreamed of.

“I love giving people news they can use. I tell the stories that get people to really think about their health and wellness: What they eat, how they exercise and how to better take care of themselves,” she says.

Being a catalyst to initiate change in people’s lives at home or in the workplace, Lazarus always compels people to “try a new path, reach a new milestone, and achieve a dream.” Her personable and informative approach as a speaker lauds much praise from her captivated audiences. She is committed in her mission to stir passion in people to live a more proactive, healthier, happier life.

Journey to Empowerment

Born in Detroit, Michigan, as the youngest of four siblings, Lazarus grew up in Bloomfield Township. She earned a Master’s in Political Science and then a Master’s in Journalism. Having learned five languages, she has covered news all around the world.

She’s a spokesperson for Saint Joseph Mercy Health System and is the host of their Emmy Award-winning medical reality show, Discover Remarkable featuring the latest medical breakthroughs and remarkable patient stories. She’s hosted Detroit’s Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure opening ceremonies and has been actively involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America for more than 25 years. To add to her busy schedule, she formed Lila Today, her media production company through which her speaking engagements are booked and her show Live Your Life is produced.

Using the Power of Light

Lazarus is very active in the community and resides on several boards. She is also the president of Kids Kicking Cancer, an organization helping to strengthen children to better cope with their cancer treatment. A diagnosis of cancer or other serious illness often leave parents and children facing dramatic life changes and an uncertain future. Children as young as three-years of age learn to manage their fear and pain by being taught to “breathe in the light and breathe out the darkness.”

Children are empowered by learning breath work, meditation, and traditional karate movements taught by specially trained black belt martial artists. The organization’s intervention is offered one-on-one or in group sessions in hospitals, clinics, and outpatient facilities worldwide. Even video conferencing is offered in places where there is no access to the program. Kids Kicking Cancer is having a powerful impact on children and their families and results have been published in medical journals.

Live Your Bucket List


Lazarus continues her work encouraging people to live life to the fullest and make every day count.  She says, “It’s time to dig deep, find your strength, remind yourself of your inner greatness and go for your dreams.”

Find out more about this remarkable woman and the great work she does to benefit the lives of others at www.lilatoday.com.