Lisa Mathisen: Staff Writer


By Shannon Baur


If the philosopher Diogenes and Mark Twain could spend their days with one lass it would probably be Lisa Mathisen. Lisa’s razor wit and unflinching daring to plumb the depths of human experience spares no one, no society, and she does it all with the absolute affection of a niece regarding her beloved crazy relatives. Creative, fearless, yet compassionate Mathisen has a “Big Tent” writing style that invites everyone, no matter how odd or small, to the party.


Mathisen comes by her colorful outlook honestly. Born in the story telling culture of the Appalachians, her curiosity has lead her on many travels backpacking across Europe; an easy task for someone raised hiking the rolling hills of her heritage. For thirteen years she called Copenhagen Denmark home and is fluent in Danish. While there, she attended Copenhagen Business College and was the first woman to receive the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Business Innovation. A consummate problem solver, she secured The Ohio Governor’s Award for Exporting Excellence in 2005 while working for Art Brands LLC as an International Territory Manager. And though today she finds herself in sunny Florida, a far cry from the snow of Denmark and Ohio (really, can you blame her?), she still has the same passion for creativity and story. In the last two years alone she has published eight short story anthologies in addition to her freelance writing.


Mathisen’s sunny disposition and boundless enjoyment of people and their foibles can only be outdone by dogs. If ever there were a match made in heaven it is Mathisen and her company Sploot & Boop Doggy Playcare. Not only is her dog service an endless fount of situations made for writing, it is Mathisen’s passion and way of giving back all the love and joy dogs bring to others. Her ultimate goal is to start a dog hospice, bringing dignity and love to elderly pups in their final years.


You can reach Lisa at: contact – at – authorlisamathisen.com