Lock Laces: Footloose and Fancy-Free

Forget about lacing and unlacing your shoes, turn them into comfy slip-ons!

The Problem with Shoelaces

Recently I noticed an article in BuzzFeed entitled 22 Products I Don’t Understand How You’ve Lived Your Whole Life Without. The very first item on the list caught my eye!

At the time, I had never heard of no-tie shoelaces that could supposedly be used to convert any pair of shoes into slip-ons that would remain ridiculously comfortable forever! And, frankly, I didn’t buy into the headlines, but it intrigued me enough to look into them a bit further.

Let me be candid here —I was never really good at tying my shoes, I know that’s pretty embarrassing, but I like to be extra comfortable and it’s always been too tight or too loose, never just right.  And too frequently, it seemed that my shoes would become untied at the most inopportune times.

So, I figured I would look into these things, known as Lock Laces, particularly in light of the fact that they had over 10,000 great reviews on Amazon! You can use them on your sneakers, dress shoes, and boots. They also have reflective and pro versions for all your athletic and casual needs.

Let’s take a look at how Lock Laces came about, and then I will share my experience with you!

Stepping Up to the Challenge

Here’s the story —When Eric Jackson, a track athlete, came up with the idea of Lock Laces in 1997, little did he know he was creating a solution for a much larger problem. He was constantly plagued by his shoelaces coming undone during training and competitions. He’d end up stepping on them, fraying the ends, and damaging them beyond repair. Fed up with ongoing replacement costs, he finally put his foot down to solve the problem once and for all.

One day, he went to his mom’s place and rummaged through her sewing kit, exploring possible solutions for his pesky problem. He found elastic cord and replaced his shoelaces with it. To his surprise, the fit was more comfortable and was flexible enough to slip his feet in and out of his shoes without any fuss.


But the cords were still tied and could loosen so he experimented with ways to lock them in place. That’s how he came up with the name Lock Laces. Searching for a solution, he noticed barrel locks on an old jacket of his and promptly cut them off to use on his cords. It worked beautifully and he began going to work with his new invention. Co-workers took notice and entreated him to make them a pair. He obliged and soon realized he was sitting on a real moneymaker.

Jackson spent some time refining his product and then filed for and obtained a patent the following year. He formed Street Smart LLC to market Lock Laces and ran the business from his mother’s basement in 1999. Sales took off from there and by 2011 the brand began to expand internationally. In 2016, Positive Distribution LLC purchased Locked Laces which is now distributed in over 30 countries.

Solving Common Problems

Initially, he focused sales efforts on runners and triathletes who gave feedback saying Lock Laces were also being used to help their family members and friends who had difficulty or were unable to tie and untie their shoes. Jackson was struck that his no-tie lacing system was actually helping people and could turn any lace-up shoe into a slip-on shoe.

Think about it, not just people like me seeking a better and more comfortable fit, but what about those mothers who no longer have to tie their children’s shoes every day, or people who are physically challenged who can now handle matters on their own, or older people who want to remove a bit of stress from their lives?

So, naturally, I called them up, found out they had a buy-one-get-one deal going on, and decided I needed to try them out.

Making Life Easier

Here is how they work —you simply remove your laces from your shoes and replace them with the Lock Laces.  Insert your foot into the shoe and find your perfect fit.  Once you are comfortable, use the round device to lock in the fit. If you find the fit is not perfect, simply adjust the round device to loosen or tighten the shoes.  While leaving yourself some extra lace for additional flexibility, remove the excess with a scissor, and use the cap to cover the ends of the laces.  It’s that simple!

The laces are made with a stretchy, elastic material that allows you to easily insert your feet when putting them on, providing you with a perfect fit —as snug or loose as you want.  And, when you are finished, there’s more than enough stretch to easily remove them whenever you feel like it. For me, they make my shoes more comfortable than ever as there was never any give or take with my old laces.  As you might have guessed, I immediately called them up again, and ordered another five pairs —check them out, no joke!

It’s been close to 60 days now, and I enjoy my Lock Laces immensely!  If you are like me or have family or friends that would benefit from them, grab yourself a pair or two, I am convinced you will be glad you did!

And, one last thing, try the real things, stay away from the knockoffs. You can find the authentic Lock Laces on Amazon, fine retailers, and on their website at locklaces.com.