Melody Trice: Living An Incredible Unlimited Life

TV personality inspires others to live their life without limits.

As a child, Trice always wanted to see her name in lights. Today, her dreams have come true as she conquers the airwaves as a media personality, actress, and model with her own weekly daytime talk TV show which secured over two million viewers in just two years. On The Melody Trice Show, Trice discusses topics that mean the most to women — from food, relationships, career, health and beauty, and overcoming abuse. Most of the topics are taken from the chapters of Trice’s life, as she’s overcome health issues and domestic violence, and continues to put her best foot forward as an example for other women.

The Melody Trice Show

Every week, viewers in Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Francisco, Pasadena, Monrovia, Berkeley, and Duarte can tune in via a local broadcast, while others enjoy her show over the Internet and through social media. The Melody Trice Show covers trendy topics like business, music, technology, careers, entertainment, health, and consumer trends with the special vibe that only Trice can bring.

Catch her on Comcast, Spectrum, Frontier, AT&T U-verse, and Google Fiber. “My goal is to bring viewers all over the world in-depth, real-life situations that they can relate to,” she says. “The reason the content is relatable is because I choose topics that we all want to know more about.” She also covers award shows, movie premieres, and red-carpet events in the greater Los Angeles area.

Trice has interviewed several high-profile personalities on her show and red carpet including Mark Wahlberg, Omar Gooding, Jr., Nick Cannon, Debbie Allen, Hill Harper, Nate Parker, and Metta World Peace. Others include Alfonso Ribeiro, Paula Jai Parker, Ann Maria Horsford, Tammy Townsend, Vanesa Bell Calloway, Kym Whitley, and many others.


Introducing Melody Trice

Trice grew up in Century, Florida, a small town without much to do. Still, she was never bored. She put her heart into acting and knew that one day her dream would become a reality. Her start in the entertainment industry began as a plus-size model and actress. She signed up for a natural cleansing program and lost 80 pounds.

Her success, her personality, and her drive led to the owner of the company calling her and asking her to be a spokesperson. And from that moment, a star was born. She moved to California to pursue her dreams and studied with various renowned acting coaches which allowed her to appear in various feature and short films, theater, as well as on her own TV show. Trice loves to act but feels truly fulfilled when producing her TV show as it allows her to be a video editor, model, public speaker, and more.


Weighing the Options

Being a star, means being physically fit, sociable, and talented. Melody Trice has struggled with some parts of her stardom, but her ability to overcome has helped her to be in the position she is in today. When she was 25, she struggled with her weight and developed high blood pressure. Being holistically inclined, she refused to take any pills and turned to natural foods and prayers. It didn’t work. Until, she came across a 20-day cleansing program that worked called the Dherbs Full Body Cleanse.

She interviewed the owner on her show, and became the spokesperson, appearing on popular syndicated shows like the Steve Harvey Show telling about how the product helped her lose 15 pounds in six days and another 27 pounds in 20 days. She eventually lost over 80 pounds and encourages people to make similar changes so they can be happier and more disciplined while maintaining their body weight. Listen to her remarkable weight loss story…

The Spirit to Overcome

Trice has always wanted to inspire others, especially the women who are going through similar situations. Trice is not ashamed to tell her story of being in an abusive marriage, as she knows that many men and women can learn from her testimony. One day after listening to a preacher on TV, she had a change of heart. She decided that her life was worth living to the fullest and an abusive partner shouldn’t hold her back. The TV preacher said, “sometimes the people you marry are not your husband or your wife.” The message hit her hard, and she left the marriage the following day.

Trice realized her life and the life of her son, who was only three years old at the time, would be far better if they lived in peace. She moved out with the support of friends, before moving into a battered women’s home. Here, they helped her get back to her feet. She says, “to anyone going through an abusive relationship just know that you are ‘better than that.’ Be brave, go! Get out of it because that kind of association does not define you.”

Manifest Melody

Trice believes that if you can dream it, you can achieve it. She’s used this mindset to take her small-town upbringing to the big screen, to parlay a weight loss journey into a spokesperson opportunity, and to escape the grim reality of domestic abuse within a marriage. Trice owes her strength to her prayers.

“I am always on a journey to mentally and spiritually build myself and others up,” she says. “People say it inspires them to see me always have a positive attitude, despite what I’m going through, but I just want people to know that they inspire me to be better each and every day.” She adds, “my life motto is: if you don’t quit, you will always win.”

Viewers can follow The Melody Trice Show on Instagram @themelodytriceshow and Facebook @themeloytriceshow. The YouTube channel is @melodytrice.