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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

As you know, Mother’s Day arrives May 12!  Are you prepared?  Can I offer some help?

I have multiple mothers to shop for (my mother, my mother-in-law, my sister, my best friend, a couple of expectant mom friends…and myself). Each of these women are completely different in their styles and preferences, not to mention the difference in their ages, so I have perused a multitude (so it seems) of websites and recommended best buy lists, in search of items that fit each mother’s unique personality and expresses my appreciation, love and admiration of them. Here are my top picks for Mother’s Day 2019:

The gift of understanding, acknowledgment and a judgment free zone

I think the absolute perfect gift is the one that costs nothing. It’s when you let the mother or mothers in your life know that you are aware of and appreciate the exceptional and sometimes superhuman effort they put into trying to be everything to everyone. A homemaker, a business woman, a teacher, a lover, a nurse, a therapist, a ball juggler, a ringmaster (because the circus is always in town when you’re a mom), and the dozens of other labels they wear as needed.

Let mom know she is not taken for granted. If the moms in your life are your friends or associates, then give them the gift of a judgment free zone. Every mother is very likely doing the best she can do in her specific set of circumstances and what she needs from you is support, love and encouragement. So this is my first recommendation, and it is an intangible add-on to any tangible gift you choose for mom this year.

Flowers with staying power

Remember that saying “diamonds are forever”? Well, now you have the option of flowers that last forever (sort-of). Eternity Roses from Venus Et Fleur. These beautiful fresh roses are treated with a solution that allows them to last an entire year. They are presented in beautiful boxes and are available in dozens of colors and multiple sizes. 

Bubbles & Bubbly

If the mom in your life likes to indulge in a long luxurious bath then consider LUSH bath bombs that turn an ordinary bath into an exquisite experience. The fragrance selections run the gamut from fresh florals to fruity scents and I assure you that they ALL pair well with a nice bottle of champagne.

Candles and a cozy throw blanket

Not the type of candles that you use when the power goes out. Try Diptyque, Jo Malone or Capri Blue Candles paired with any of these super soft throws from ZGALLERIE

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock

Yes, we said “ICE CREAM LOCK”.  This delightful device will keep those greedy grubby paws (ahem..hands) OFF mom’s ice cream! I believe the word for this is bliss. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your Cherry Garcia or Brownie Batter Core is waiting for you in your freezer…untouched…just for you? Well, that’s a gift you simply cannot put a price on. Click here to stock up! 

A Week of Meals:

How about the gift of meals? Look for food delivery services in your area that will prep and deliver a week’s worth of meals so mom gets a break from meal prep. If you don’t have local food delivery companies then check out Terra’s Kitchen and Daily Harvest. These two online companies will deliver the meals straight to your door and have delicious options from smoothies to hot meals.

Self Care And/Or Experiences

Consider giving mom a gift certificate to a spa where she can be pampered.  Or perhaps she may want to try an aerial yoga class or take a hot air balloon ride! Whatever activity that would make her happy! And don’t forget to arrange for childcare if it’s needed!

Tea time

We’re not talking about Tazo, Twinings, Lipton or Bigelow. We’re talking about taking tea time up several notches with the assorted tea collections from Tea Forté. They have over 80 flavors of tea and multiple collections to choose from. My 4 favorites are pictured below and available here.

If none of these choices suit your preferences, then check out these fabulous alternative options from World Market and Anthropologie