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A picture may be a thousand words, but this is so much better!

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for affordable yet classy housewarming gifts when visiting others, something a little different than the typical bottle of wine or box of chocolates.  And, I’m proud to share my secret with you —digital frames.  Now, not just any digital frame of course, but the very best for my friends and family.

My kids have told me that I’m technologically incompetent and, well, they’re absolutely correct, but all that means is that I have no idea how to get things working.  Once working, I happen to be really good at keeping my hands in my pockets and allowing others to remain in control.   And that’s the story with the award-winning Nixplay WiFi Cloud Frames, which are absolutely brilliant!

The Gift That Keeps Giving

Everyone is familiar with those digital frames that sit on your desk or nightstand and displays pre-loaded photos that change every few seconds.  That’s cool, but these are different.  So, what makes them unique?

First, Nixplay builds digital photo frames that don’t look like digital photo frames!  They’re really, really attractive, available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, and can even be mounted on your walls.

Second, Nixplay has created an app that allows the person in control to decide which photos will be displayed, and they can even add new ones instantaneously.

Third, the display automatically dims and brightens according to the room’s ambient light level, resulting in photos that are absolutely breathtaking!

Fourth, every frame has a built-in motion sensor that detects movement, turning the frame on and off automatically.

Think about it, your parents or grandparents live out of town, and you want them to see what you’re up to today; or you’re on vacation, and you want to share your memories with family and friends right now; or you’re stuck out of town on an extended business trip and you want to share your day with others.  The opportunities are boundless.

And, I have a secret … once you get beyond the intimidation factor, the Nixplay app is really simple to use!

How Is It Possible?

How could such an ingenious invention be so simple to use for someone technically challenged like me? Well, it all started like this. Back in the 1990s digital cameras were the big thing, everyone including myself had to have one, no more negatives and photo prints to organize, stick into albums, and store somewhere, you just had this little thing called a memory card. It was amazing, all those photos on a little piece of plastic, but how were we going to view them without having to sit behind a computer screen? That’s when digital frames came along, it was someone’s brainchild and it was a big hit, turning into a $1 billion industry … until Apple’s iPad saw it as a golden opportunity and seized market share. Photoframe producers had to find an edge to keep them viable.

Here’s how it played out for Nixplay. At first, Nixplay created a great little digital frame and was just another player in the new market. Demand was high and competition fierce. But Nixplay had an ace up their sleeve, the company’s founder, Mark Palfreeman, had the vision to connect his photo frames with photos people stored online. He had already founded the parent company, Creedon Technologies in 2007, whose mission is “to connect people with technology in a meaningful way.” Nixplay provided top-quality cloud storage, service technology, and security so geniuses like me could tap a couple of buttons and instantly share photos.

In 2010, Nixplay came to the forefront by introducing a digital frame that connects to cloud-based photo sharing. What the heck is cloud-based photo sharing? Instead of photos being stored on your computer, they are stored remotely on what’s called the cloud which is typically much safer and has larger storage capacity than your computer. Nixplay lets you import photos stored on your Facebook, Instagram, and other online accounts.

Palfreeman made some smart business decisions and the company became one of the first to partner with Google, that giant repository of everything, so people storing their photos on Google Photos could view them on their Nixplay photo frame. The beauty of this latest technology is that it’s all done wirelessly using the WiFi connection in your home or business.

Digital Sign Showstoppers

Speaking of business, what Nixplay offers for businesses is way too cool. You can use a Nixplay screen to display digital signs like menus, retail promotions, advertising, bulletin boards, and internal communications. Run newsfeeds, YouTube videos, and more, all beautifully displayed on a Nixplay screen. It’s unbelievable where this technology is heading. What’s next, a picture frame that takes voice commands?

Well sort of, it just so happens one of Nixplay’s latest innovations is integration with Alexa, the cloud-based voice service from Amazon. It’s that new thing everyone’s getting into, connecting your home and making it smart through voice commands. Now, you can ask Alexa to run a playlist on your Nixplay frame or check its status.

So next time you’re thinking of buying a really unique gift for that someone special, I suggest you check out the latest in digital frames. I’m impressing everyone with my Nixplay WiFi Cloud Frame. It makes me look like I really know my stuff when it’s only because Nixplay made it so easy to use.


You can check them out at www.nixplay.com.