NOTA NOTA: The Incredible Do-It-Yourself Perfumery

Enliven your senses and discover your own aromatic journey by creating perfumes at home.

Every day we want to put our best face forward for the world to see. We make sure to wear the perfect combination of our choosing. Our hair is styled to perfection, makeup is appropriate for the occasion, and we’re dressed to impress. But have we given much thought about how we smell every day?

Most of us imbue ourselves with fragrances designed by big name celebrities, couturiers, or perfumeries. But now, after half a decade in the making, we have an incredible way to personalize and share fragrances of our own making. Introducing the NOTA NOTA perfume machine created by Abdullah S. Bahabri.

A New Scentsation!

Now men and women can enter the olfactory world of fragrance designers and create unique fragrances with NOTA NOTA. It’s the newest tool in perfume mixology and is intended to become a part of our daily ritual. Just as routine as waking up to your alarm clock, yawning, and brushing your teeth, you can now dip yourself in an endless array of aromatic pleasures. Elevate your expectations and indulge in developing a scent for any time of day. Maybe go musky for the dinner date or fruity for brunch.

We all have preferences that make us who we are. Some express individuality through dance, song, or other artistry, and the rest of us through the daily choices we make. But we all have one thing in common, we all like to smell nice. NOTA NOTA is capable of crafting fragrances at home for any mood or occasion and producing a scent that reflects your identity. Your personally created fragrance says something about you which you can share with friends and the world.

“NOTA NOTA will give people an easy way to design and produce their own perfume that speaks to their style. With NOTA NOTA, you can reach people looking for new perfume experiences, and it’s easy to use with less equipment and less mess,” says Bahabri.

Scentsibly Simple

NOTA NOTA comes with an app whereby users control the scent-making process directly from an Android or iOS mobile device. Through the app, you can combine different notes to design your personal perfume and commence production. Not to mention, you can never run out of ideas, the possibilities are endless. The app is also a gateway to a large and creative community of other fragrance aficionados and their perfume designs they’ve shared that come ready to prepare and wear.

How it works:

Step 1: Turn on the device.

Step 2: Insert your choice of cartridges, much like a coffee maker (perfect for a morning routine).

Step 3: Activate the app to create the ideal mix of fragrances to suit your day or event.

Step 4: Sixty seconds later, your brew is done. That’s how long it takes the machine to produce. 5 ml of liquid luxury.

A Journey of the Senses

In 2014, Bahabri had a change of focus from pursuing 3D printing technology to having an interest in the perfume industry. “I was thinking about 3D printing when I found a perfume I liked,” he says. His senses titillated, it set him on a new course.

He had met with an Italian perfumer in Riyadh and they spent hours talking of perfume. “I’ve always had an interest towards unconventional business examples,” he once said in an interview. “Then when I got back home, I started thinking — I believe in the shower — about combining two industries, perfumery and 3D printing and I suddenly got this idea in mind. I clearly remember that I couldn’t sleep that night.”

He learned everything he could about the fragrance world and teamed up with Studio Volpi to develop his idea. Everything came together nearly half a decade later when 3D printing, perfume, and social media were combined to produce the revolutionary NOTA NOTA product. Its first introduction to the public was at the Saudi Design Week where new innovative product designs are showcased.

The table-top perfumery is about the size of a standard coffee maker and comes with a TOLAS collection of 12 scent cartridges, 42 5 ml fragrance bottles and the NOTA NOTA app. The TOLAS collection’s irresistible scent notes include saffron, moss, taif rose, bergamot, magnolia, marine, amber, musk, sandalwood, oudh (a fragrant wood), jasmine, and vanilla. The machine can combine up to eight cartridges at a time in a myriad of compositions from refreshing summer scents to warm intoxicating exotics. Additional supplies can be ordered through their website.

NOTA NOTA is currently being sold in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, and United Kingdom. Now, more international sales channels are being developed broadening NOTA NOTA’s worldwide reach. For more information, visit nota-nota.com.

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