Pacsafe: The Original Anti-Theft Carry Solution

Here’s a great preventive measure to keep criminals out of your stuff.

Have you ever been robbed unbeknownst to you? I can tell you it is a very unpleasant experience. While shopping the toy wonderland, FAO Schwarz, during the bustling holiday season, I noticed my leather handbag had a long clean cut and realized my camera had been stolen but my wallet was safe and out of reach. But most alarming was that I had held my handbag close to me and the slice was about three inches away from my kidney! Security could do nothing as I did not know where or when it occurred, and they had bigger problems to deal with. These robbers stealthily work the holiday crowds undetected. I swore I would never allow that to happen to me again.

Regaining a Sense of Safety

I was determined not to spoil my holiday cheer. The following day I came across a luggage store and my eye was drawn to a sign with “anti-theft” on it. Curious, I wandered to the display of assorted handbags and carriers and read every scrap of information on them. The literature was very convincing and after closely examining each item I knew I was looking at the real deal.

The brand is called Pacsafe. I had never heard of it before, but then again, I never looked for handbags that were not in line with the latest fashion craze. These looked more utilitarian, but after my experience, utilitarian sounded just fine to me. So, I purchased a crossbody model, treating myself to a sense of security and safety that holiday season.

Over a decade later with daily use, my Pacsafe still looks new without any worn or loose parts. This thing is built to last. I still have that sense of safety when I shop or travel. Every time I see beautiful handbags or even backpacks being carried, I think how tempting they are for criminals — it only takes one instance to jar a wakeup call. I am so impressed with Pacsafe, I decided to fill you in on this amazing product. And these days, they’re even looking more sleek and stylish without any compromise on safety!

Built Like a Tank

Every Pacsafe product is constructed using patented anti-theft technologies. “Lock-down” technology is used to anchor your stuff to any fixture. You can roam anywhere knowing your bag is safe. A turn & lock hook system and a PopNLock security clip keeps your bag in place. You can even purchase a locking cable to make your bag immovable.

Very essential these days is having RFID protection for your smart passports and payments. Thieves can skim personal details off your RFID enabled device and credit cards from a distance. Pacsafe uses their RFID-safe technology in their bags and wallets to block unwanted scanning. Their special blocking material shields with a frequency blocking range of 10MHz – 3GHz.

Their zipper security is incredible, never saw anything like it. Just zip and lock and have peace of mind. There are so many zipper security features I’ll just sum it up this way: there are lockdown and three-level lockdown points for zippers, zip tabs and zip clips, puncture-resistant zippers and lockable zippers, whew! You can read the details of each on their website.

I’m most impressed with the cut resistant technology Pacsafe uses, a real deterrent for cut-and-run robbery. Their 360 eXomesh locking system is like tough “chainmail for your bag” but lightweight. There are eXomesh slashguards, steel barriers to thwart slashers and keep your stuff safe. Their Carrysafe straps are wire reinforced — no cut-and-run possibility here. Backpacks feature the Carrysafe straps with Dyneema, keeping your backpack in place and thieves out.

Happier Trails to You

Pacsafe was established in Hong Kong in 1998 by two Australian traveling buddies, Rob Schlipper and Magnus McGlashan. They too experienced the anxiety of having stuff stolen while traveling, in their case it was passports. Inspired by the sight of chicken wire wrapped bags seen in South America, they created their own wire cage system. They formed Pacsafe to “help travelers embrace life’s adventures” by “taking some extra security with you.”

Recognized as a leader of anti-theft travel technology for over 20 years, Pacsafe continues to push the envelope designing and developing new anti-theft innovations. They hold a long list of patents and have something for everyone. From wallets, to handbags, backpacks to luggage, apparel, and accessories, their ultimate goal is to give you peace of mind.

They’ve received many awards and recognitions through the years including the 1999 Backpacker Magazine Editor’s Choice Award, Motorcyclist magazine 2007 Product of the Year Award, 2009 ILM Intelligence Design Award, double iF Design Awards in 2015, and many more.

Environmentally Conscious

For their 20th anniversary, Pacsafe introduced a new line of carriers constructed with ECONYL fiber made from pre- and post-consumer waste including fishing nets and other discarded materials. The new line helps clean up the oceans and specifically sea turtle habitats. In fact, 100% of profits goes toward the Pacsafe Turtle Fund which helps sea turtles thrive. Pacsafe has been involved with sea turtle conservation since 2014 by supporting various programs that help save sea turtles from extinction.

Pacsafe funds have helped efforts in rescuing and treating sick and wounded sea turtles, raising public awareness, contributing to scientific research, constructing hatcheries, and monitoring turtle nests to prevent egg poaching along stretches of beaches around the world.

I was happy to find out Pacsafe is actively involved in conservation. All the more reason I am a proud bearer of a Pacsafe product. In my view, knowing a loved one is a little safer carrying one of these would make it a priceless gift. Learn more at pacsafe.com.