Roborock, One Button, One Clean Floor!

Move over robo-vacs. This new cleaning droid outsmarts them all.

Some people go for Ecovacs, the Neato, or iRobot’s Roombas. The biggest names in the industry really suck. Literally, they suck the dirt right off the floor. But this week we decided to look into something outside the robotic vacuum zeitgeist: the Roborock S6.

“The most reliable and best performing robot vacuum I have ever tested was the Roborock S5. That title now passes to its successor, the Roborock S6,” according to ZDnet. Gadgeteer, TNW, Woman’s Day, Wired, and others give similar glowing reviews. You can watch it in action here…

This newest smart vac doesn’t care about its fame. It does not care about its price. It simply cares about completing its task. That task is to clean, to do it well, and to do it with as little effort on the part of its owners as possible. With the suction power at high-end levels and an advanced LDS navigation system, it never disappoints! Unless you’re a cat … Mr. Whiskers wanted us to give a bad review and get rid of it, he can be quite jealous.

Sorry Mr. Whiskers…

According to roborock.com, “S6 knows your kitchen from your playroom, bedroom from living room. Its high-accuracy laser rangefinder spins at 300 rpm as it scans your rooms. Data is then sent through a custom algorithm to produce an up to 98% accurate floorplan map.” 

Don’t let the three buttons fool you…

Our last robotic vacuum didn’t have the connectivity or networking capabilities that the Roborock S6 has (with a powerful 32-bit quad-core processor). Maybe that’s because we took the plunge into the smart vacuum world circa the flip phone and Myspace years.  Regardless, you may not want or need to connect its iHome and Alexa capabilities even though it is well equipped to do so. After all, it comes with its own app and returns to the charging station all on its own after it’s done cleaning. 

The genius is … all of that is nothing compared to the simplicity of its three buttons. Dare to dream of the days when you had on, off, and another one you never really used. Well your dream has come true. But for the techies … there’s more.

Designed for Efficiency

Yes, it is extremely capable at suction with a strength that rivals its top competitors. But the true value comes in its ability to traverse and complete its task throughout a wide space. And it does not disappoint. With one trip, the Roborock S6 clears up to 250 square meters. The 5,200 mAh battery needs recharging after each trip, akin to the charge of most similarly sized robo-vacs in the market.

It’s important to remember that these devices are designed to constantly operate and pick up what you’ve left behind. When you drop a box of Tic Tacs or nails, we suggest you pick those up yourself … It’s bad form to abuse the help, by the way!

The company itself claims it has breathtaking suction “that can lift AA batteries, pulls dirt and pet hair off wooden floors as easily as it dredges it up out of carpets. Created by a fan spinning at 1,500 rpm and channeled through advanced airflow systems, S6 suction is effectively constant. Even when the dustbin is full.”

Big Power in a Small Package!

At first glance, we thought the dust bin seemed small. After careful consideration of other products in its category, we discovered it was pretty much industry standard. For its price, it’s just right when it comes to the barrier height range (or how tall something can be for it to keep working and traveling over it). More expensive robot-vacs are in the same barrier height range of 9.5 to 10 cm, with the Roborock S6 coming with a fairly typical 9.6 cm. And honestly, it could be even larger and wouldn’t have bothered us one bit. Maybe Mr. Whiskers would have taken issue, though. Felines are petty…

It Sucks Quietly, Too!

We won’t lie, we don’t have a multitude of robot vacuums to race down our shaggy carpets and marble floors. We did have another for a while back in the day as we mentioned. It wasn’t like Roborock S6, it was loud. So much so that our puppy (Mr. Whiskers’ other enemy) decided it was its arch nemesis and chewed the corner leaving a nasty scar but did nothing to alter the noise. The Roborock S6 didn’t really seem to assault his senses as much because it was significantly less noisy as advertised.

Why is It Wet?

Because it has a water tank. It won’t disperse that purple liquid in a sea of disinfecting fumes like a cleaning lady might, but it does leave the floors sparkling! The tiny tank and tools are intended to pick up dust particles that are far smaller than the competition. “Water flows smoothly across the entire mop for an even wipe,” according to the manufacturer. 

In fact, a lot about the Roborock defeats most competitors. Yes, we tried it. Yes, we loved it! It sucks in all the right ways. At THROOMERS, we take pride in providing information on devices we believe in … Roborock S6 is one of them.