Shauna Robertson: Chic Over 50

She turned a hobby into one of the top style influencer blogs, inspiring women to be confident and beautiful.

Ask her about fashion, skin care, makeup, fitness, or hairstyle, and her answer will surely make you feel beautiful and great about yourself. Shauna Robertson, fashionista superstar and founder of Chic Over 50, loves making women feel great with her effervescent personality and style wizardry.

Always reinventing her look, she enjoys making endless fashion statements by wearing bold, colorful, patterned, and feminine looks. She loves thinking of what to wear each day, challenging herself to look her best. Blending new trends and classics with age consideration is her specialty. Every 50+ woman will find new inspiration in their closets by getting a daily dose of Chic Over 50.


“I may push the boundaries a bit more than most, but I’m not afraid to and don’t do anything outside of my confidence level. If you have confidence, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!” she says in an interview with Trendeing.

Just for the Fun of It

Robertson thought she’d have a little fun and share her eclectic taste with friends, so in 2015, she created her Chic Over 50 blog. Along with her latest fashion sense, she gives words of encouragement and thoughtful inspiration.

Happily for Robertson, her chic style blog was an instant hit with women boomers. In fact, as a style influencer, she’s helping out big retailers like Chicos, Nordstrom, Anthropology, Target, and others by inspiring her audience with products and brands she personally loves and features on her blog. She also offers the Chic Over Fifty Collection, her own graphic t-shirt line.

She says of her followers, “I want to help them know they can influence and inspire others to be their best selves. We can all have such a profound effect on the world! It brings me such JOY to help women in this way!”

Tapping into a Demographic

Little did Robertson know she tapped into an audience already waiting to be tapped into. Middle-aged women are overlooked as a target market, yet their spending power accounts for over 27% of all consumer spending, and that’s 3% more than their male counterparts, according to Adweek.

Marti Barletta, who authored the book PrimeTime Women, points out after putting the kids through college, 50+ women have the greatest discretionary spending power of all consumer segments. Per capita, 50+ women spend 2.5 times what the average person spends.

The virtually untapped market is actually burgeoning with over 77 million boomer women in the country according to the 2016 U.S. Census. Only recently has there been a noticeable shift of big brands starting to market to boomer consumers in an effort to retain brand loyalty. And Chic Over 50 is perfectly positioned to bring consumer awareness of the products Robertson loves. Besides her blog, her Instagram currently has over 89,000 followers and Facebook has over 16,000 followers.

Her Fashion Faves

Known as a fashion superstar, Robertson absolutely loves mixing and matching styles in her unique fun way. Torn jeans and oversized tops are her favorite fun gear. This year, she’s into matched separates like suits with matching patterns. Some of her summer seasonal favorites include wearing dresses with or without shorts, jumpsuits, or pairing skirts and dresses with tennis shoes. She likes it fun and sassy but not fussy or with too many accessories.


In choosing the right clothing, Robertson looks for those that flatter her size and shape best. Being petite, she takes extra care to choose clothes that fit her well or has them altered. Spending a little for alterations is worth the money to get the best figure-flattering fit. When she buys her clothes, she makes sure she can wear them at least three ways to achieve different looks.

To personalize a look, she recommends taking small steps and not overdoing it all at once. She says trying too hard will be noticeable and unattractive, especially for older women. Just doing little extras like wearing the perfect earrings or lipstick, can “put an exclamation point on your look!” Exuding confidence comes when women know their body type and what works for them, creating the best look possible.


Often asked about her makeup, Robertson is not shy about wearing “punchy” bright lip color although she tones it down when wearing smokey eyeshadow. Her signature short pixie haircut has been her favorite style for most of her life. Her iconic platinum hair color came when she made her blog.

Living a Fulfilling Life

Born in Utah, 1960, Robertson was raised in a large family with two sisters and seven brothers. Faith played a big role growing up and the siblings still keep in touch with each other. She resides in Salt Lake City and has been married for nearly 40 years. She’s the proud the mother of three sons and grandma of seven grandchildren.

Her love for fashion started at the early age of four and continues to this day. She enjoys modeling her favorite styles and posts them regularly on her blog. For the past several years, she has taken her passion of photography and turned it into a profession.

Robertson continues to be a voice for 50+ women all around the world, having built a strong supportive community with members uplifting and inspiring one another. Check out the energetic styles and recommended products on Robertson’s blog at ChicOver50.com.