Smart Nora: The Revolutionary Snoring Solution

At last, an anti-snoring device that lets you sleep in comfort, contact-free.

What was once an occasional nudge has suddenly become an elbow in the gut, a reminder that, yet again, I must be snoring.  You may be aware that approximately 50% of all people have a snoring issue at one time or another, and 25% are habitual snorers.  In addition to being annoying to others, snoring can be a sign, or cause, of serious health issues, most notably, sleep apnea.

You may have guessed that, given the statistics, a “snoring industry” has developed over the years designed to stop the noise and to increase the air flow for those who chronically snore.  Like me, many of you have probably changed your sleeping positions and/or purchased that latest and greatest pillow time and time again to try to find a solution. In most cases, we find that these solutions may work temporarily at best.

Finally, A Real Solution

One of the most unique solutions to enter the marketplace is called Smart Nora, a device that adjusts your pillow when it detects snoring.  Smart Nora has been designed to do two things — recognize when you snore via a listening device, and steadily inflate your pillow to reposition your head to offer relief. It comes with something called a Pebble that is placed on your nightstand and monitors your sleep via a built-in microphone.  Once it detects snoring, it sends a signal via Bluetooth to inflate your pillow, raising your head and thereby opening your airways.

Now, this may sound a bit like a gimmick, but check out the reviews online.  The Sleep Judge, a website that rates a variety of sleep products, rates Smart Nora 9.5 out of 10.  Another website, SnoreLab, refers to Smart Nora as “revolutionary,” providing “great results for every type of snorer.”  The Snoring Mouthpiece Review also offers positive reviews, referring to Smart Nora as one of the rare “actually useful” anti-snoring solutions.  Finally, Good Morning America had a segment offering positive reviews, you can watch it below.

Why I Like This

The beauty of Smart Nora is that it is not a contraption to wear on your face, on your nose, or in your mouth, nor is it a snore alarm. It is totally non-invasive for better sleep. If you’re like me, I can’t wear anything on my face and be comfortable enough to sleep well. You may have tried those types of devices, but Smart Nora is genius in my view — no contact, total comfort.

I love simplicity and Smart Nora is designed so it’s really easy for anyone to use. First, you place the pillow insert into the bottom of your pillowcase. Then you place the pebble overhead or on your nightstand. And third, you place the portable case next to your bed. For optimal performance you can adjust microphone sensitivity and the motion of your pillow.

What I really like about this is I don’t have to give up my favorite pillow or favorite sleeping position. This device works with any pillow whether it’s firm, soft, thin, fluffy, down, memory foam, whatever — you will have consistent results.

Most people dump their anti-snore devices because they are too uncomfortable or inconvenient to use. People like me usually give a new gadget a good try and then just give up if it’s too bothersome to keep up with. Not so with this device since it doesn’t even touch you. Once you’ve personalized the settings for optimal sleep, you just get into bed as you normally would. In my opinion, you are more likely to continue using this than any other product out there. You sleep better and so does your partner. The difference is in the morning when both of you feel more rested.

They’ve Got You Covered

The company is developing a mobile app that records Smart Nora’s overnight activity. Initially, the app will be for iOS with an Android version following later this year. The app is amazing. You can see or hear the instances Smart Nora activated during the night to prevent your snoring from waking up your partner or exceeding ambient noise levels in the room. You can view details of your sleep and track the reduction of your snoring over time. It’s smart enough to notify you if snoring patterns signal possible medical issues and gives what you need to share with your doctor.

The company is so confident about their product that they’re offering a 30-night 100% money-back guarantee and it comes with a one-year warranty. They even offer free returns to the USA and Canada. Even the head of their support team is an actual user of the product. For me, a product with this kind of backing deserves serious consideration.

The Smart Nora Team

Again, we at Throomers, strongly suggest that you consult with your physician regarding sleeping issues prior to pursuing a remedy, as snoring could be sign of other issues. Take a look at their website for more information at www.smartnora.com.