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Smartphones and a Smarter You!

Do you own a smartphone? If so, is it an iphone or an Android? Do you only use it to make phone calls and texts? Your smartphone is millions of times more powerful than all of NASA’s combined computing in 1969. Let’s get the most out of it! The growth rate of technology has increased exponentially in recent years, and keeping up with it is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.

Smartphones are amazing and constantly changing with new features and cool apps, while constantly integrating additional internet functionality with multiple devices; this is called the Internet of Things, or IoT. More about this in following articles.

Smartphones can save you both time and money and I’m not talking pennies. Discounts for hotels, flights, ride shares and retail apps can add up. Time savings by ordering your prescriptions online, and banking online saving trips to the bank. And for all snowbirds you know during season, that can save 40 minutes a trip! Spend more time on what you WANT to do. Tennis anyone? Another round of golf?

Throomers are life-long learners and there are basic apps that will enrich your lives from social media to money-saving apps. You don’t need to be on the bleeding edge, but youmight want to stay connected to your family and friends via Facetime or texting or use social media apps like Facebook and Instagram.While traveling, apps like Waze and Google Maps,route you around traffic and accidents. Waze will even notify you where the police are lying in wait. Slow down! Gas Buddy and Hotel Tonight or Hotels will find help lower cost options. Get a ride home from Uber or Lyft if you celebrated too much. For the readers out there, lots of savings for ebooks and audio books. Why carry 3-4 books on vacation when you only need an ereader like a Kindle. I know many readers refusing to adopt the ebook technology saying they liked the “feel” of book. They get over it quickly when a loved one buys them an ereader for a gift.

Music lovers rejoice and sing, Pandora and Spotify has all the music you listened to in the 60’s and beyond for free, or purchase the premium subscriptions for ~$10 a month. Score tickets on Stubhub and download electronically into your Apple Wallet– no paper needed! Go green or go home!

Save yourself trips to the store and order items from retail apps including Amazon or ebay. As an Amazon Prime Member, receive many items in 1-2 days. Buy used furniture, cars, household items on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslistor Letgo. Sell your unwanted items as well. Trips to your bank are no longer needed with banking apps. You can deposit checks right from your phone.

App in the Spotlight – Medical ID App for the iPhone and Android

In the event of a medical emergency, wouldn’t you want a way to communicate with a first-responder in the event you can’t?

Did you know with Apple iPhones and Android devices, you can set up a Medical ID accessible to first-responders? Even when your phone is locked? This app shows your medical conditions, prescriptions and drug allergies. In addition, it will automatically notify your designated emergency contacts too!

What’s more important than protecting your health? Unlock this valuable feature and learn a bit more about how your smartphone can save your life.

iPhone: This app is already on your iPhone.




Android: You need to download this app from the Play Store. Enter Medical ID in the Play Store search field and look for this app:





General Instructions for iPhone Health – Medical ID. The Android works in a similar manner and both are intuitive:

  • Open Health app. Once in the app and tap Medical ID (bottom right corner) > Edit
  • Turn on “Show When Locked” to make your Medical ID available from the Lock screen. In an emergency, this allows the first responders to access your medical information.
  • Import a picture of yourself from your smartphone. This is critical. You need a recent picture of yourself and use a headshot that really looks like you. This is not the time to recapture your youth with a 20 yearold photo.
  • Enter personal information including medical conditions, notes (you can enter your insurance information here), allergies and reactions and medications.
  • Enter blood type, organ donor, and vitals.
  • Enter your emergency contacts. During an emergency, the first responders will trigger the app and your emergency contacts will AUTOMATICALLY be notified and will be sent your current location during an emergency.
  • Select done.

The problem with quotes on the internet is you can never be certain they’re authentic.”  – Abraham Lincoln

Featured App: Shazam:

Ever forget the name of a song or who sang it? You rack your brain, but no luck. That’s okay, Shazam it. Shazam will tell you the song name & artist. It’s free and fun! Also, for music junkies, you can take your Shazam’ed songs and import it into a playlist on your music apps like Spotify. Click on the link below to view a video on how to use Shazam!



  • If Android: download from the Play Store
  • If iPhone download from the App Store.
  • It’s free!

Technology can be daunting: smartphones, Telehealth, smart TVs and tech enabled homes, to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Don’t get overwhelmed by all that is around you, just continually increase your technology usage that is relevant to you, enriching your lifestyle. Technology is everywhere, embrace it!

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