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Time to dig through the attic. You may have a piece of rare history more valuable than gold. Can you imagine a bunch of throomers huddled closely together, perhaps cradling a tumbler of scotch, or a glass of wine, or beer in their hands, having an intense conversation about their toy collections and paint chips?  Well, if not, you might be interested to learn a little more about antique mechanical banks and the eclectic ladies and gentlemen who are exceptionally passionate and extremely competitive when it comes to collecting these rare gems. A Delightful Way to Save Toy mechanical banks were first introduced in the mid-to-late 1800s, designed to encourage children to have fun while saving money.  Sculpted by an artist, they had moving parts, springs, and levers to create an action that would encourage children to use them time and time again.  The period between 1869, when the first mechanical cast iron bank, known as Hall’s Excelsior, became available, and 1910 was known as the golden age of mechanical banks, when most were produced. You’ve probably seen them but


Delighting Collectors For serious collectors or consigners of important antiques, artwork, and all things collectible, one of their primary go-to destinations is Morphy Auctions. This is because of Morphy’s two inextricably intertwined daily practices. The first is their stated mission — striving to provide their customers with the industry’s #1 buying and selling experience. The second is their two core values embodied in each and every customer interaction and transaction — honesty and integrity. To Throomers, this powerful and compelling standard is an unbeatable business proposition. Thus, Morphy Auctions is the type of entrepreneurial company we look for in our quest to provide superior, actionable content. For those throomers interested in the collectibles business as either professionals, investors, or hobbyists, or simply the curious looking to enhance their lives, we are pleased to profile this fine business and the impressive man responsible for its extraordinary success. Founded in 1997 by Dan Morphy, the formerly modest auction showroom has been growing exponentially ever since and now boasts two physical locations and a robust online presence. The original Lancaster County, Pennsylvania location