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Memphis, for me, first and foremost emerges as neon signs either created in the 1950s or made to look so. Certain ones stand out as iconic: the Peabody Hotel spelled out in big red letters on its roof; Poplar Tunes with its arrow-head-tipped musical staff of notes; Leonard’s Pit Barbeque’s top-hatted, cane-twirling pig. But mostly all those twisted glass tubes of glowing light, with their colors balanced on a razor edge of cool and warm, emerge like a grand Dale Chihuly sculpture, redolent of Memphis’s heyist of heydays, when Elvis Presley was living and breathing and at any moment walking down Beale Street decked out in pink, cream, and black, his sleeves rolled up. Meanwhile, only blocks away Johnny Cash was moaning his halting way through a new record, Wanda Jackson was shimmying in her oh-so-tight fringed dress while nitroglycerin-growling her cute voice, Carl Perkins was hacking his way around a new run on his home-rigged electric guitar, or the brilliant and maybe deranged genius Jerry Lee Lewis was banging away on the piano after arguing religion with Sam Phillips in

Dr. Hagood: An Intellectual Southern Gentleman

An Intellectual Gentleman of the South Throomers extends a warm welcome to Professor Taylor Hagood as a most noteworthy contributing writer. His depth of knowledge across American literature is impressive, especially as relates to his birthplace, the United States South. He’ll be providing our readers with extraordinary content from time-to-time on any number of subjects as his busy schedule allows. Initially, we’ll be proudly presenting his popular ‘Hagood Reads the Phone Book’ series, beginning with fascinating tales from Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis is a city filled with colorful history, from the era of steamboats to the birth of the blues and rockabilly music. The focus will be on household names connected with the city – Elvis Presley, B.B. King, Martin Luther King, and many others – as well as lesser known but historically significant names. In the months ahead, Professor Hagood will provide entertaining visits to the historic cities of New Orleans, Key West, and wherever else his phone book happens to be propped open to at the time. Beyond these travelogues, we’re hoping he’ll grace us with essays in other