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Many of us Baby Boomers wonder how and when social media became such a staple in our daily lives. Some of us may shy away from this millennium’s digital overload by firmly clutching to the days of flip phones and emoji-less text messages. For others, evolving social media can be found in the palm of our hands with the touch of an app. No matter where you fall on the social media spectrum, you can recognize that it has made our world more connected – smaller even. We use Facebook to connect with our long-lost friends and relatives, Twitter to check for news around the world, our iPhones to Facetime our grandchildren who live miles away, and Yelp to check out if a restaurant is worth the drive. Customer Connection is Vital Many businesses wonder how to use social media to engage their current and potential customers. Well, 32-year-old Shama Hyder has built a name for herself doing just that. She’s a millennial that’s literally written the book on how businesses can succeed in the social media world. She is

Aibo: Fetch Robot, Good Robot

Irresistibly cute, Aibo is more life-like than ever before and is sure to capture the hearts of its owners. Nearly two decades ago, there was a particular four-legged prototype. It had a particular effect that took our hearts at the dawn of the millennium. Then the prototype became a beloved robotic dog by Sony.  After a leave of absence, it found its way back home.  But, before there was an artificially intelligent dog, there was Sony. Then there was a team. Then finally, there was Aibo. A New Era In 1995, a group of Sony executives sat at a conference table waiting for the speech from the newly appointed president of the company, Toshitada Doi. As soon as he arrived, Doi announced the company’s new motto, “Digital Dream Kids,” and the era of Sony’s exploration began. The “digital dream kids” prototype for Aibo was announced in 1998, and the first consumer model was finally introduced in 1999. Subsequently, a new model was released every year after that until 2006. Due to financial issues and economic downturns, production halted in 2006. They

Smartphones and a Smarter You!

Do you own a smartphone? If so, is it an iphone or an Android? Do you only use it to make phone calls and texts? Your smartphone is millions of times more powerful than all of NASA’s combined computing in 1969. Let’s get the most out of it! The growth rate of technology has increased exponentially in recent years, and keeping up with it is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Smartphones are amazing and constantly changing with new features and cool apps, while constantly integrating additional internet functionality with multiple devices; this is called the Internet of Things, or IoT. More about this in following articles. Smartphones can save you both time and money and I’m not talking pennies. Discounts for hotels, flights, ride shares and retail apps can add up. Time savings by ordering your prescriptions online, and banking online saving trips to the bank. And for all snowbirds you know during season, that can save 40 minutes a trip! Spend more time on what you WANT to do. Tennis anyone? Another round of golf? Throomers