Tapplock one+: The One-Touch Smart Padlock

Swap physical keys for digital ones and protect your belongings the smarter way.

Today, all our mobile devices come with advanced security features, ranging from fingerprints to PIN numbers. With all this technology, why do we still keep an assortment of little keys to open up padlocks? If you work at a school or facility, it can become quite an ordeal finding the right maintenance personnel or employees who have access to gated supply cages and locked file cabinets.

I recall a time when I forgot my bike’s lock key. There I was in the middle of downtown with my manager, waiting for maintenance to bring bolt cutters at 2am. Perhaps you found yourself in a similar situation. Or, how about going on vacation and realizing your house sitter doesn’t have the gate key. We can go on and on listing similar scenarios, but is there a simple solution to this problem?

Meet the Tapplock one+

A highly rated smart padlock, the Tapplock one+, offered at $99, can be opened with your choice of a mobile app, fingerprint, or Morse code (yep, and customizable, too). Bluetooth-enabled, the padlock saves up to 500 fingerprints with unique levels of access to personnel, family, or friends in its secure servers. Smart fingerprint padlock technology identifies users to 99.999% accuracy and can unlock in 0.8 seconds.

It’s easy to use, simply let it read your fingerprint or initiate a mode:

  • One squeeze: Wake from sleep, indicates a steady white LED
  • Two squeezes: Bluetooth mode, indicates a blinking blue LED
  • Three squeezes: Morse code mode, indicates a steady purple LED

The body comes in a choice of colors: gun metal, midnight black, or sterling silver. The padlock weighs only 10.6 ounces and measures 3.4 inches in length (with shackle) by 2.2 inches wide.

Powerful Features 

  • Battery can last as long as a year with only a single charge, meaning it provides around 3,500 unlocks per charge.
  • Lock is fortified by a double-layered lock feature using anti-shim / anti-pry technology
  • You can see the padlock power levels through the Tapplock app on your smartphone.
  • You can grant remote access to a new user and use the app to track activity such as who opened a lock and when.
  • Water and weather-proof, it functions even when completely submerged and in temperatures ranging -4°F to 149°F, it’s also dustproof and rustproof.

“I have been using the Tapplock at the gym for a few months now and absolutely love it. In lieu of having to dial up a combination, or carry a key around, all I need to do is “wake up” the lock and use a fingerprint to get the lock to open,” according to a reviewer on TrustPilot.

The company assures users the padlock has the time-tested, ubiquitously trusted strength of your typical metal padlock. But security-wise it exceeds expectations with its 7mm thick stainless-steel shackles featuring a double layered locking system that is quite unbreakable. And with its rugged zinc-alloy case, there’s nothing to pick or pry open like a standard lock requiring keys. Tapplock one+ can’t be broken to open, as it must be active and operational to unlock its grasp.

There’s also a smaller, feather-light version called Tapplock lite offered for $59 and is ideal for using on luggage, gym bags, and other small portables. It has an 8-month battery life per charge, about 1,200 unlocks.

For business use, Tapplock enterprise™ is described by the company as “the perfect access control management platform for padlocks.” They also claim to have business clients in various industries such as utilities, logistics, manufacturing, IT, healthcare, government, and education.

No Lock is Perfect, Though…

In 2016, the world’s first smart padlock with fingerprint technology was unveiled. Tapplock had raised $300k on Indiegogo in the process. The Apple-styled device looked amazing but security penetration experts quickly found flaws. They exposed a myriad of hacking vulnerabilities.

In a world where hackers pry into just about anything labeled “secure,” they may be tempted to do so with your Tapplock one+. However, “knowing how to hack it and bothering to do so are pretty slim, but it’s a definite possibility. As is most often the case, if someone really wants to get in then they will,” says Marie Black, Editor in Chief of TechAdvisor.

It’s easy to become dismissive of these Bluetooth devices flooding our lives. We watch a couple of videos on how it can be hacked and it turns us off. But it is so rare, that someone who takes the time and resources to get through the Tapplock defense is likely to get through any ordinary lock anyway. It does its job.

The company monitors the latest security trends and provides periodic software updates and firmware upgrades for the device. Being attentive to update the app and lock ensures your Tapplock is kept up to date with the latest security enhancements.

At the end of the day, what we want is convenience. This padlock does it for me. I’m not worried about any security issue any more than someone with an industrial bolt cutter. It solves a lot of logistical problems. Check it out on the Tapp website.