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Ted Rubin: International Man of Influence

The alarm rings on Wednesday morning, we crawl out of bed towards our phone to find the email inbox confirms we haven’t sold anything overnight. And so, wondering what it is we’re missing, we walk to the computer, in our temporary office, in our garage, where we began our first little online company.

We need a strategy to get our brand out there, and we need it yesterday. We ponder and search and come upon a video of two men, business partners it appears. One is the unassuming, approachable sort, sporting a plain grey V-neck sweater and vintage reading glasses, meaning black-framed, oversized, and circular. His partner’s formal business attire creates a stark and humorous juxtaposition.

The first thing the unassuming man says is, “I’m wearing this on purpose, I swear.” We look for this intriguing character’s name on the website’s header, unaware that we’ve stumbled upon one of the industry’s most respected social media strategists and marketing gurus. We take a deep dive into the man and here’s what we find.ted rubin, casual

His name is Ted Rubin, and yes, he can wear whatever he wants. A native New Yorker with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics from Cornell University, he’s been changing the marketing game on the front lines of social media around the globe. In fact, he’s utterly blowing the collective minds of the social media world with his revolutionary marketing philosophies and strategies.

We may not have known his name, but we surely know the companies he has influenced and improved. In the 1990s, Rubin held the position Vice President of Sales at Yoyodyne, Seth Godin’s first Internet Start-up that was acquired by Yahoo! in 1998, and built the sales for their most successful product from the ground up.

He was also Vice President of Sales and Marketing for 1-800-Flowers… Ted Rubin, flowers

We all recognize the name and number because they identified our need for last minute convenience in handling our most important relationships. Rubin’s expertise, delivered in his personable and engaging style, has helped him amass an army of loyal clients and followers.

But how? That’s the magic. He has an inherent gift for motivating and elevating the marketing prowess of an organization.

He’s not selling anything, he’s building relationships. It’s not just about clicks either, it’s about results – revenue and productivity – and the numbers back him up. Every company he has worked for, bar none, has shown increased brand awareness and profitability.

To illustrate, his tenure as e.l.f. Cosmetics’ Chief Marketing Officer spanned two years through March 2010. Once his strategies took hold, the company’s sales exploded by 300% in a quarterly comparison. That’s the uber-definition of results.Sale Increase

Rubin, the listener, the influencer…

“Be real, authentic, engaging, the results with affect your bottom line. Actively look for and engage critics …”– Ted Rubin

Rubin’s innovative marketing techniques focus on empowering customers to provide instant brand feedback to companies. Organizations who continue to avoid it are at grave risk. The results, the hard data (such as a 300% increase in sales), have added credibility and urgency to his strategies. Social media platforms have mastered it and traditional companies are scrambling to catch up.

At Collective Bias, he was an equity partner until the 7-figure acquisition in 2016, and served as Chief Social Marketing Officer for two years through August 2013. While there he built the first social syndication engine, cbSocially, and played a direct role in improving the marketing channels of such clients as Starbucks, Nestle, Elmer’s, and Walgreens.

Rubin, the ‘why’ and the ‘how’…

Rubin knows well the science of human behavior. This is at the core of his success and is acutely underappreciated by the non-influencers. It is simply this: the more we know ‘why’ a human being acts as they do, the more we’ll know ‘how’ we can shift their behavior to our way of thinking. It’s the simple formula to becoming more influential.

The “why” is simple. Every person needs to feel valued. They want to be heard, in fact, they deeply need to be heard. It’s a fundamental emotional need and healthy people will consistently act in ways to raise their own esteem and feel more valued. The “how” is even simpler, in theory at least. By genuinely listening to people, giving them what they’ve desperately needed all along, a sympathetic ear, and a platform to voice their opinions, the better they’ll feel about themselves. And they’ll value the listener who’s making them feel this way.

All during short stays, at e.l.f., OpenSky (an innovative direct-to-consumer marketing firm) and Collective Bias, he added hundreds of thousands to millions of new Twitter followers to their platforms. It’s important to note that when Rubin discusses ‘followers,’ he means ‘deeply engaged advocates’ for their brands. That’s a lot of influence.

Rubin, the takeaways…

Sometimes the most influential ideas are the simplest, those based in common sense. Rubin knows this well.

In the past six years, he has been charismatically delivering his common sense messages in keynotes, seminars, as an MC/Host of Brand Innovators Summits, and a series of books, including Return on Relationship (2013), How To Look People in the Eye Digitally (2015) The Age of Influence (2017), and his latest with business partner and self-proclaimed “retail geek” John Andrews coming in 2019, Retail Relevancy.

He figured out early the internet’s revolutionary marketing opportunities and has been teaching them ever since. Rubin shares his core messages often at #RonR, which has gained him over a million Twitter followers. He’s practicing what he preaches by responding to brand issues in real time, in public, engaging a broad forum, speaking to them effectively and influencing their perceptions.

He knows that relationships are a new type of currency, more important than the hard dollars themselves. Without the former, you’ll never get to the latter.

Hopefully, Throomers has given you some takeaways today by presenting this incredibly influential marketer. Please share our Ted Rubin story far and wide, and come back to engage with us often. If you do, we’ll promise to listen genuinely and make it all about you. After all, we’ve been taught by the very best.

To find out more about this incredible brand strategist and gain valuable insight, visit his website.

Click here for 7 questions interview with Ted





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