The Power of Positive Aging: Coping with the Inconveniences of Aging

New in self-help, The Power of Positive Aging presents a fearless and optimistic plan for embracing old age

The Power of Positive Aging is an essential resource for anyone facing the prospect of older age. David Lereah adeptly shows how aging does not have to be the negative experience we’ve been taught it is.”—Lawrence R. Samuel, author of Aging in America and Boomers 3.0

Americans now live longer than ever — a full 30 years longer than they did in the early 20th century — but older Americans are not fully prepared for the challenges of living so long. Our forever-young culture and personal expectations have not yet adapted to our extended life spans.

Cancer survivor David Lereah, PhD, presents a wise, practical and fearless guide to the new world of massively expanded life spans in his new book The Power of Positive Aging: Successfully Coping with the Inconveniences of Aging. 

Our ageist culture associates old age with chronic illness and dementia, but Lereah teaches that the extra years at the end of your life are not a burden, but a gift and an extraordinary adventure. As Lereah explains, he developed a more positive attitude toward aging, illness and even death during his successful battle against stage 3 esophageal cancer. A nurse told him, “If you survive this, your cancer is an inconvenience.” Lereah embraced this attitude and says that while you can’t fight the inevitable changes to your aging body, these changes are, at worst, inconveniences that won’t prevent living a fulfilling life.

The Power of Positive Aging offers a practical training guide to successfully cope with the physical and mental decline that accompanies aging. An easy-to-follow program of mental and spiritual exercises instructs readers in how to develop mindfulness and acceptance, along with strategies for pursuing a balanced life and seeking and accepting social support.

Written with warmth and compassion, The Power of Positive Aging encourages readers to not be afraid of aging but to celebrate their aging selves. The Power of Positive Aging shows how simple lifestyle modifications will transform your everyday life, helping you to live more joyously for the rest of your years.

Each chapter of The Power of Positive Aging tackles a different issue related to aging and offers a practical solution, covering such topics as:

—Maintaining a positive mental attitude and embracing aging as an opportunity for spiritual growth.

—Increasing your self-esteem, even as your body and mind change with age.

—Fighting social isolation, connecting with others, and developing a network of social support.

—Developing a health aging lifestyle, incorporating a healthy diet, exercise, a balance of activities and self-love.

—Living positively in the face of the inconveniences of aging, including illness, changes to your appearance, mental health problems, declining mobility and even death.

The Power of Positive Aging gives readers tools for both postponing physical and mental decline and accepting them with good grace when they come. Lereah urges readers to develop a positive attitude toward aging that will help us all treat ourselves compassionately, as well as inspiring older people to unite with each other transform an ageist society.

Growing older can be the best part of living when you embrace the power of positive aging.

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Check k out what people are saying about The Power of Positive Aging:

The Power of Positive Aging is an essential resource for anyone facing the prospect of older age. David Lereah adeptly shows how aging does not have to be the negative experience we’ve been taught it is.” 

—Lawrence R. Samuel, author of Aging in America and Boomers 3.0 and Next Avenue’s 2017 Top Ten Influencer in Aging

“David Lereah takes us on a personal journey for the ages; his battle against stage three cancer. Along the way he discovers the power of positive aging and presents his findings in this book. It is an inspiring story of how a positive mindset can overcome the physical and mental challenges of aging and disease. A must-read for anyone over 50 years old.” 

—Chip Conley, founder of Modern Elder Academy, New York Times best selling author, and Next Avenue’s 2019 Top Ten Influencer in Aging

“If you’re a baby boomer, this indispensable guide needs to be in your personal library. Filled with spiritual insights, practical tools, and helpful resources, you will return to it time and again as you navigate the uncharted territory of your own unique journey into older age. Kudos to David Lereah for infusing each page with both extensive research and the wisdom of one who knows whereof he speaks.” 

—Mary Eileen Williams, host of The Feisty Side of Fifty podcast

“A supportive and practical guide for positive aging. This brilliant and engaging book embodies wisdom, personal insights, as well as the tools we all need for facing life’s greatest challenge. A true inspiration.”

—Susan Landeis, author of Optimal Caregiving

The Power of Positive Aging takes us on a different path to aging that is profoundly productive for ourselves and others. Aging is the greatest education about life a person can have, and David Lereah has laid out all the study tools needed to graduate with high honors. David shows us a path that changes aging from a challenge to an experience. It is a masterful collection of tools — physical, mental and spiritual — that enable us to craft our own path through the aging process.”

—Lee Mowatt, vlogger, senior fitness motivator, and host of The Aging Academy podcast

The Power of Positive Aging is not just another feel-good book about growing older. Driven by David Lereah’s personal journey with cancer and its aftermath, this book is a guide for creating a positive framework for leading life as we age. He examines inner spirit, social networks, and emotional intelligence in a thoughtful way. Particularly insightful is his chapter ‘Reclaim Your Life’ and his advice on creating a lifestyle plan for positive aging. An easy read and very insightful, this is a must-read as you embrace this stage of life and positive message that we need now more than ever due to the coronavirus pandemic.”

—Lori Bitter, The Business of Aging, author of The Grandparent Economy, and Next Avenue’s 2017 Top Influencer in Aging


“David Lereah’s book The Power of Positive Aging is an important contribution to help meet the challenges of aging. You will learn the mental and spiritual strategies that he used to personally overcome his big challenge to emerge healthier and happier as he ages positively. His concept that the challenges that come with aging are just inconveniences, is one we all should embrace.”

—Rico Caveglia, author of Ageless Living and host of The Fearless Aging podcast

“David Lereah’s book The Power of Positive Aging provides a no-nonsense, fact-based approach to tackling the challenges of aging with grace and dignity. A cancer survivor himself, his reflections enhance the reader’s understanding of how growing old comes with ‘inconveniences.’ This informative how-to guide provides instructions and solutions for his vision of aging positively while at the same time fostering an age-friendly society that will benefit anyone who reads it.”

—Angela G. Gentile, MSW, RSW

“Full of hard-won wisdom. David Lereah has written a personal, practical and comprehensive book on how to accept the challenges of aging, while enjoying the richness of the present moment. The book is well researched and full of great examples of how to live your best life until the very last breath. I love the concept of ‘the inconvenience of aging’ — it puts the process into real perspective.”

—Nicole Christina, LCSW, psychotherapist, and host of the Zestful Aging podcast

David Lereah is  an economist, motivational speaker, and founder of the nonprofit organization United We Age. He previously was the chief economist for the National Association of Realtors and the Mortgage Bankers Association and is the author of four books, the most recent being All Real Estate Is Local. Lereah’s economic commentary has regularly appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and Business Week, and on CNN, CNBC, and other media. Lereah began his career on the faculties of the University of Virginia and Rutgers University. He earned his PhD in Economics from the University of Virginia and lives in Port St. Lucie, Florida