Old town and harbor of Dubrovnik Croatia

The Top 10 Must-Dos in Croatia

Traveling to Croatia checks off so many of our European must-haves: sparkling coastlines, historic walled cities, and delicious food. But in case you need more reasons to travel to this Eastern European getaway, we present our top ten must-dos in Croatia (including more food).

Walk Through Dubrovnik

Rise and shine to a view of the old town’s red tiled roofs, baroque buildings, and narrow, steep limestone streets. It’s a vision that will be familiar if you watch Game of Thrones. Like us, author George Bernard Shaw was enchanted by Dubrovnik, describing it as “the pearl of the Adriatic.” Once a powerful seafaring republic, Dubrovnik has survived the tides of time and remained one of the most beautiful cities on earth. UNESCO thinks so too: the Old City is listed as a World Heritage Site.

Sample Local Culinary Creations

Global connoisseurs probably already have Croatia on their menu. The entire region is known for its fantastic food and wine, and the best way to sample it is in a charming family-owned restaurant. When you’re planning a custom trip to Croatia, the Ker & Downey experts will recommend some tasty spots for local treats.

Explore a Private Island

A sparkling coast freckled with islands means you have a ton of opportunities to be alone on a private beach or secluded villa. Of its 1,200 islands, 69 of them remain uninhabited, making this a very untouched Adriatic coast. The settled spots like Hvar and Korcula are pretty amazing too.

Go Island Hopping by Yacht

One of the best ways to see Croatia’s islands, inhabited or not, is by private yacht. Ditch the commercial cruises and go island hopping with your own personal crew. Drop anchor in a secluded bay and dive right into the sea. Find picture-perfect moments aplenty on our exclusive Adriatic Yacht Holiday, sailing through Venice, Dubrovnik, and Croatia’s coast.

Take a Helicopter Ride

Rocky shoreline and deep green forests meet sea blues with dramatic effect when you’re up in the skies in a private helicopter. Croatia’s stunning coastal beauty is a pleasant distraction. Hop into a helicopter and take in the sights from above.

Sip Local Wines

A perfect European day should include a glass of wine. The Peljesac Peninsula’s family-owned wineries welcome visitors to not only drink Plavac Mali made from local red grapes, but also to learn about the area’s culture.

Search for Truffles

Just the mere thought of these hidden tubers gets our mouths watering. Further up the coast in Istria is homebase for the biggest white truffle ever found. Head out with a truffle hunter in search of these delectable delights and pair them with wine, cheese, and honey.

Try Dinner at Sunset

The Dalmatian coast is nothing short of gorgeous. With such a long stretch of water-kissed land, it’s easy to find a secluded beach, the most romantic setting for a sunset dinner. Ker & Downey can arrange your own personal dinner as the sun dips—we think it makes for magical celebrations or proposals.

Take a Cooking Class

With such an influx of invaders and cultural influences in Croatia’s ancient past, it’s no wonder that you can drink a strong cup of Turkish coffee and bite into creamy pasta on the same day. All the different cultures and nearby countries left a huge (and very tasty) impact on Croatia’s food. Throw on an apron and learn how to make some regional dishes with a Croatian chef.

Farm for Oysters

A lot of our Croatian experiences are focused on food, but isn’t that one of the best things about traveling to a new place? Tag along with a farmer and try your hand at cultivating oysters. You will be rewarded for your work with a lunch featuring these delicacies of the sea.

We hope these top ten must-dos in Croatia have you ready to go! Croatia is perfect to visit any time of year, but the summer months when the sun casts a golden glow over the land are extra special. Contact your Ker & Downey designer to plan your next trip.

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