The Ultimate Gift: An Unforgettable Father’s Day

One young man’s Father’s Day gift completely changed life as he knew it.

Grateful fathers around the country crack their smiles as they read their child’s handmade Father’s Day card and open up their gift to find the proverbial mug or clothing item. But for one stepdad, this past Father’s Day brought a gift beyond measure, an unforgettable surprise to last a lifetime and beyond.

It started like any other Father’s Day. Unsuspecting Donzell Powell, a successful real estate investor based out of Suffolk, Virginia, was being treated to the usual Father’s Day activities. His 17-year-old stepson, Keon Wiggins, had something extraordinary in store for the stepdad he loved. Wiggins desired to give the ultimate gift in gratitude for all his stepdad had done in his life. What could he give that would be more meaningful than anything money could buy?

In Gratitude

Wiggins recognized it took an extraordinary man with a big heart to take him and his mother into his life. Powell was willing to take on the role of stepfather and created a loving, nurturing relationship with Wiggins. The bond they formed was strong, even stronger than many children have with their biological dads. The two did a lot together, and there were ups and downs, just like any typical family. But they got through it together, and the young man flourished under the watchful, caring eye of his stepdad. Wiggins was determined to give what he could to show how grateful he was. In his eyes, Powell is the quintessential parent who made a significant impact on his life.

Having given much thought, Wiggins came up with the ultimate gift, one that would have enormous consequences for the rest of Powell’s life as well as his own. It was a gift so unique that most kids could not even offer it to their dads. But there was one catch. Powell could refuse the gift. Wiggins considered that possibility, but the gift’s significance outweighed any disappointment. At the very least, Wiggins could express the love he held for his stepdad. If Powell rejected the gift, Wiggins’ life would continue to be a good one. But if Powell accepted, it would be seismic in both their lives.

Wiggins prepared how to present his gift. It would not be gift wrapped or pop up from a cake. Instead, his heart had a lot to say, and he was moved to write it all down in a letter. He wrote pages filled with words of love, gratefulness, and affection to the man that made all the difference in his life. He planned to read the words of this letter to his stepfather on this specific Father’s Day.

The Big Day

Finally, the day came, and Wiggins’ heart was pounding as he readied his gift for presentation. Was he asking too much? Would Powell refuse? The moment had arrived. Surrounded by his mother, Keona Powell, and other family members, this is what happened, watch the video and hear the moment Wiggins gives his ultimate gift to his stepdad:

Wiggins read from his letter, but the words rolled out from his heart. Overcome by emotion, everyone felt their hearts touched by those priceless words. The father figure who was always there for him, was there for him at that very special moment when Wiggins, at last, gave that ultimate gift and said, “I want you to adopt me as your own.”

Surprised with the enormity of such a simple request, Powell embraced the boy he called his own. That embrace was all the reassurance Wiggins needed that whatever the answer would be, all would be well.

And so, with a big whopping, “Hell, yeah!” Powell proudly said, “I’d be honored to give you my last name. I would be honored to say that legally, you are my son.” A resounding round of approval rang out from all who were there. Wiggins’ heart leaped with joy, and Powell now had a real son. Their relationship would not change; it was already the best it could be. But being adopted and adopting a son officially sealed the bond of love between father and son.

Wiggins was overcome with emotion by the gift he just gave his stepdad. It was a big step to offer up himself as the ultimate gift. To call him “dad” and share the same last name, had a far more significant impact than even he had envisioned. That Father’s Day will surely be remembered by all who witnessed it and that Wiggins sums up as, “So, that’s my Father’s Day gift to my pops.”

What is remarkable is that Wiggins filmed that event, posting it on social media, not knowing what the outcome would be. Since then, the video has gone viral, touching the lives and hearts of many.

A Hope for Others

How can one measure the depths and heights of a father’s love? It runs deep and is far-reaching in the lives of his children. Wiggins recognized and appreciated that he benefitted from such a love freely given by his stepdad. A nurturing, loving relationship between the two laid down the groundwork for Wiggins to flourish as he made his journey through life.

Many children are fortunate to have such a relationship with their father, many do not, and there are too many without fathers at all. In Wiggins’ case, growing up with a loving stepfather turned out even better than living with his biological father.

But that extra “step” is a legal term, a placard that stepchildren must live with differentiating them from children reared by biological fathers. There is a stigma associated with being a stepchild that has developmental implications. Even a stepchild recognizes the importance of a father figure and yearns to have that deep connection only a father and child relationship can fulfill.

There are plenty of kids out there like Wiggins and so few men like Powell. But at least now and then, we hear of a beautiful story that pulls at our heartstrings and is worthy of celebration just like this one. And very soon, Keon Wiggins will become Keon Powell.

Wiggins is also doing his part for kids of all ages. At age 14, he became an entrepreneur and started a clothing line called Rich Kid Nation. He’s wearing one of his RKN T-shirts in the video and encourages everyone to be rich in their own way. His message is that all kids and adults can be rich, not necessarily in wealth but in knowledge, experience, and other ways.