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Throomers COVID-19 Update

While we have been working diligently to meet the publishing deadlines for our April edition of Throomers, we have also been grappling with the unique challenges presented by this historic Coronavirus pandemic. Understanding our responsibility to address the crisis head-on and provide relevant content to our readers, we have decided to delay our April edition.

At this urgent moment, we believe it is vital to report extensively on the current challenges our amazing featured guests of the past two years are facing in their lives, their businesses, and what advice and words of wisdom they can offer our readers.  Who better to share their thoughts and opinions with our readers than the positive, inspiring and philanthropic leaders we have been so fortunate to present during the past 15 months?

Thus, just this morning, I contacted over 100 of these world-class personalities and within minutes began receiving dozens of reply emails saying: “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! And to that I said: Yes!

They expressed how grateful they were to hear from us, how thrilled they are to share their coping strategies, lend their insights, and offer recommendations to help us envision our future. After confirming they and their loved ones are in good health, we are now rapidly compiling their reactions, personal stories, and detailing just how they are dealing with the unprecedented situation at hand.

In the coming days, we will be passing along a treasure trove of the wisdom they have so generously offered. You will have the opportunity to read many new insights regarding optimizing your health, finances and your most important relationships while you are ‘hunkering down.’ We will also present strategies on staying positive, making the most of your time in isolation and triumphing over adversity from some of the most successful and inspiring people on earth.

I’m truly excited about this project, and hope you feel the same way. We will be updating the website regularly, so please keep checking in with Throomers daily. In the meantime, our entire staff wishes you and your loved ones the very best of health and prosperity.