Tony Blauer: Hacking the Science of Self-Defense

He’s developed the only behaviorally based self-protection method in the world.

Know Fear

Imagine taking an afternoon walk around your neighborhood and an unfamiliar face suddenly attacks you. You can’t run away, and your adrenaline is rushing, there’s a ringing in your ears, and your heart is beating through your chest. What would you do? Would you replay a scene from a Bruce Lee movie in your head or would you know what to do to make it out alive?

We can hypothesize, but the truth is that many of us don’t know how we would react in the face of fear. We’ve heard of fight or flight, but would we know what to do in that crucial moment? When running is not an option, we may freeze, go into shock, or make critical mistakes that give our attacker an advantage. Putting our personal safety and that of our loved ones first is our duty in situations like this. That’s why combat extraordinaire, Tony Blauer, is helping millions of people achieve confidence in self-defense through training offered by his company, Blauer Tactical Systems.

Thirty years ago, Blauer introduced the world to a novel self-defense concept that encouraged people to trust their instincts, prepare for dangerous situations, and fight for their lives using concepts of kinesiology, physiology, neurobiology, and other natural sciences. Today, law enforcement and military personnel including members of the FBI, police departments, and international defense organizations, as well as the general public, seek Blauer’s expertise in self-defense through combat simulations, seminars, training, and even workout routines.

A Punch to the Face

Active combat and sports training have been the norm for Blauer since 1967. At the age of 13, he was actively involved in wrestling and by the age of 15, he took up boxing and started participating in local tournaments. Although he was an avid combat sportsman, he didn’t go far in martial arts — his highest rank was a Green Belt in Tae Kwon Do. This is because it wasn’t the love of technical combat that kept him going, it was the idea of protecting himself and his loved ones in real-world situations.

While working as a self-defense teacher in the 1990s, Blauer’s life changed. One day a student he trained came to him and told him that he got punched in the face during an unexpected confrontation. Blauer was perplexed, as the student was well-trained in martial arts techniques, but still managed to get a fist to the face.

Even after years of teaching, he had to admit, “What good is technique if it can’t protect you in the moments you need it most?” He realized that technical martial arts didn’t have a place in real world conflicts. So, he began to take a different approach to fighting, connecting the dots between neurology, physiology, and psychology to come up with his patented system of self-defense. Blauer came to the conclusion that fighting is an instinct and that ability to protect yourself and your family is the most valuable skill you can have.

Born with It

Sticking to the thought that self-defense mechanisms consist of so much more than a swift kick or thunderous punch, Blauer developed his renowned S.P.E.A.R System, an acronym for Spontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response. The system reengineered the psychology of personal defense by channeling adrenaline, human intellect, instinct, and experience to respond to sudden, real, and violent attacks.

Blauer also includes these theories in his Be Your Own Bodyguard course, which teaches you how to better protect yourself and your loved ones in a day, and CrossFit Defense, which uses the moves in the popular workout out routine as a basis for self-defense. His class and seminars are available in over 20 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.

Blauer teaches his students how to use their body’s response system to guide them through dangerous confrontations. “Your body and mind already know how to fight. There is a behaviorally-based protective system hiding inside every single person. We are all ‘human weapons,’” he says. Part of Blauer’s patented method centers around reducing one’s startle‐flinch conversion time. The startle-flinch response is our body’s response to fear that dates back 80,000 years ago and is instilled in the human DNA. “What this means is that you already have the keys to the system hardwired in you,” he says. He just enhances them and shows you how to tap into your power through his courses.

He shows students how to reconnect with their body’s fear response system through exercises in mental toughness, self-reliance, and situational awareness to help avoid and detect danger. The classes also teach students to manage and identify fear and aggression, and also how to “flip the switch” from calm to defensive in order to protect yourself or a loved one.

It’s Not Karate

Blauer encourages everyone to choose personal safety over defense techniques. “Choosing personal safety has zero side effects,” he says. “Think,what could it cost me if I don’t fight back? Then list three people or things you would risk everything to defend. And then mediate on the idea of ‘indignation’. The combination of those three answers creates a mind-set for victory.”

If you can’t imagine yourself in a situation like that, consider one of Blauer’s newer courses, the Ballistic Micro Fights (BMF). These are not simple play fights, but help people get ready for combat through recreated scenarios of personal experiences or seen on TV. Students are placed in fearful situations and are trained to respond quicker for more positive results. In the class, it’s common to see students getting ambushed and responding with explosive attacks to defend themselves.

As basic as these ideas seem, the goal is to instill confidence in people to protect themselves and their families. Following Blauer’s lead, it’s clear to see that everything is on the other side of fear and it’s up to you to conquer it. “If you face one opponent and you doubt yourself, you are already out-numbered,” he says.

At Throomers, we care about personal safety and hope you find articles like this to be informative and thought provoking. If you think the S.P.E.A.R. System of self-defense would be of interest to you or your loved one and would like more information, visit Blauer’s website. Click here to learn more about Tony in our exclusive Q&A.