Aerial view of the center of capital city Bucharest.

When in Bucharest Experience It Like the Locals

It’s historic, charming, varied, and lively — take a personalized tour and don’t miss a thing this city offers.

Known as the “Paris of the East” in the early 20th century, Bucharest is a city filled with French-inspired Art Nouveau architecture mingled with stark utilitarian communist era edifices and contemporary structures. The city teems with activity day and night as the eighth largest city in Europe.

While there, take a leisurely walk back in time through Old Town with its charming narrow cobblestone streets lined with cafes and boutiques. Enjoy peaceful greenery by strolling through a city park, a great little break from the city bustle.

Take a Personally Guided Tour

You’re in for a real treat if you book a personal tour with When in Bucharest. Its team of local guides are passionate about their great city. Calling themselves “super-guides,” they know Bucharest inside and out tailoring each tour to best fit the interests of their guests. Their specialty is giving private guided tours of the city in English, French, and Italian.

When in Bucharest was founded by Alina Brasoveanu, she is a licensed city guide and has a background in sociology. During her college days, she lived abroad in Italy and France, giving her the opportunity to develop intercultural communication skills and an increasing desire to share her passion about her Romanian homeland.

After finishing her PhD in 2011, she spent five years teaching sociology at a university. “It was a marvelous experience, which helped me better capture the attention of an audience,” she says. While teaching, she freelanced as a professional licensed guide. Brasoveanu’s goal was to ensure the best private tours and experiences for travelers interested in more than just scratching the surface.

Launching the Business

In 2016, she decided to take her side job to the next level and started When in Bucharest, focusing only on Bucharest tours that were private and tailor-made to fit the interests and pace of guests.  The mix of passion and hard work was very successful, and business continues to grow at a pace of 50% each year.

In the beginning, only Brasoveanu was the local guide, in fact, she was a one-woman show. She did the tours and the research, took the calls and replied to the emails, posted on Facebook, prepped the materials for the tours, made the reservations, and so on. In short, she was the CEO and cleaning lady in one. “My motto was: follow every lead and always follow-up. And it worked!” she says gleefully.

Now, just a few years later, she has assembled a talented team of super-guides, each bringing their own super personality, but all have extensive knowledge and experience. Happy clients describe the team as “amazing people and they’re fun and friendly.”

“Our backgrounds are interesting and varied, ranging from sociology, to economics, foreign languages, translation and interpretion, banking, and teaching,“ Brasoveanu says of her team. “All in all, we all have one big trait in common: we love welcoming travelers and sharing with them the best of Bucharest!” Recently, Brasoveanu joined forces with her husband, a Frenchman who fell in love with Romania. Now they run the business together and are making plans for the future.

Best of Bucharest Private Tour

Best of Bucharest Private Tour is Brasoveanu’s most popular tour which connects guests to the best Bucharest has to offer accompanied with a personal local guide. The tour introduces you to the city’s fascinating history and local culture. More than mere sightseeing, this tour is interactive allowing you to satisfy your curiosity and answering any questions you may have. This way, you gain an understanding of how Romanians live nowadays and how they think and feel about their past and future.

During the tour, you will explore and get a sense of Bucharest’s rich heritage that includes the Latin language, Orthodox faith, Balkan flavor, French architecture, Communist past, and Jewish heritage, to name just a few of the local influences. The tour ends in Bucharest’s lively Old Town where you can try some of the best local cuisine and Romanian wines. This private tour makes your visit to Bucharest so worthwhile, filled with unforgettable cultural experiences and in-depth exploration.

Other exciting tours offered include Hidden Bucharest which takes you off the beaten path to explore some of the lesser known marvels of the city such as the cultural landmark, Cărturești Bookshop, and the Verona Garden where locals like to unwind on sunny days. Then there’s the Wine Tasting Tour, where you are escorted to the top wine bars in Old Town and can taste the finest of Romanian wines. There’s also a tour to visit the must-see landmarks of Bucharest including those of historical significance along Victory Avenue and sites of the Romanian Revolution of 1989. These are just a few of the many tours they offer.

For your next visit to Bucharest, Throomers suggests you check out When in Bucharest. Book a private tour of the city by Brasoveanu and her team. You’ll find it is well worth the effort and a great way to get the most out of your visit. View their website at wheninbucharest.com.