World Championships You May Not Know About

From wife carrying, pumpkin chucking, shovel racing, worm charming to swimming in grits, competitions are as limitless as our imagination.

Growing up, so many of us dream and fantasize about being a world champion one day, and so few of us reach that goal. But what if it was truly possible? Let me give you something to think about:


The Nascondino World Championship takes place in the abandoned village of Consonno in Northern Italy every September. In the 1960s and 1970s, Consonno was being developed as Italy’s version of Las Vegas until it was wiped out by a landslide in 1976. The city was abandoned and ultimately became the perfect playground for an international hide-and-seek competition. Since 2010, five-person teams from many countries have made the trek to Consonno to seek their glory.


This past January, Las Vegas hosted the 2020 competition, where a panel of experts judged sign spinners from across the globe for their technical ability, execution, and style. You must check out this video from this year’s event, including the crowning of 2020 World Champion Kendric Washington.


During the last weekend of July each year, in Nanaimo, British Columbia, the World Bathtubbing Championships take place where bathtub boats race against one another.


Who said you had to have superior athletic skills to become a world champion? It’s not necessarily true; all it takes is practice, practice, practice! Every year, in Louisburg, North Carolina, the world’s most passionate whistlers gather for the world championship. Now in its 47th year of competition, have you ever wondered what a world champion whistler sounds like?


One of the more unique world championships, this event is held annually in Swaton, England. There are a variety of categories at this event, such as egg-flinging, where two-person teams will throw and catch eggs from various distances. There’s a relay race, where 11 team members pass their eggs down the line as quickly as they can. And then there’s the “Russian egg roulette,” where believe it or not, two players compete against each other, smashing hard-boiled eggs on their foreheads until a hidden raw egg ends the competition.

Tradition, just for fun, or zany, there’s a competition for everyone. Whether it’s cheese rolling, stilt dancing, or bobbing for pigs’ feet, it isn’t hard to imagine that you too can become a world champion.