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Wow the Home Chef with Cool Kitchen Gadgets

Every great cook needs quality tools of the trade, here’s a list of genius kitchen gadgets for the home kitchen.

Choosing what to get for the chef in your life who already has everything can be difficult. Using stylish, functional, innovative tools can make culinary craft even more enjoyable for the home chef. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of kitchen gadgets fit for a professional that will inspire creativity in the kitchen.

Molecular Gastronomy Kit

For the truly adventurous chef, here’s something that will tantalize their inspiration. Molecule-R’s Cuisine R-Evolution makes molecular gastronomy accessible, fun, and easy for anyone. The do-it-yourself kit is fully loaded with everything needed to experiment molecular techniques at home. Take culinary art to the next level and experiment with mixology, styling, and flavoring. Turn any occasion into an elevated event. The kit comes with 20 sachets of food additives, a silicon mold, and three pipettes. Playing with food has never been this fun! Check it out on the Molecule-R website or get it on Amazon.

Breville Joule Sous Vide

This little beauty heats water faster than an immersion circulator or precision cooker and maintains the temperature for perfect results. The ideal tool for every chef, there’s no more overcooking or undercooking foods. The Breville Joule Sous Vide is by far smaller, faster, sleeker, and more precise than others on the market. It comes with a magnetic foot and a clip to attach to just about any pot or cooler. 1,100 watts of power hyper-heats water and maintains temperatures to 0.2°F / 0.1°C. All that’s needed is a smartphone, cooking pot, ziplock-style bag, and water. Joule works with iPhone and Android, is WiFi and Bluetooth ready. Just use the phone app to pick the desired doneness and there’s over 100 cooking guides to access. Check it out on the Breville website or on Amazon.

Charcoal Companion Cast Iron Garlic Roaster

Here’s a little something every home chef would appreciate. Perfectly roast garlic in the kitchen or BBQ grill with the Charcoal Companion Cast Iron Garlic Roaster & Squeezer Set. Preserve the depth of flavor and rich aroma to use in recipes or spread on baked breads, crackers, or whatever! Who can resist the silky texture and full-bodied flavor of freshly roasted garlic? Made of pre-seasoned cast iron, it comes with a stainless-steel ring for easy handling. There’s generous room to roast one large or two small garlic bulbs. Use the silicone garlic squeezer to easily remove roasted garlic from the bulb. Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to enjoy! Find it on  Amazon.

Sagaform Wine Carafe

Grace any table with the sleek and minimalistic look of the Sagaform Wine Carafe with Oak Stopper. Its Scandinavian design is timeless and perfect for any occasion. Not only is it beautiful to look at but its functional bowl perfectly aerates wine, allowing it to breath. Exquisitely handcrafted, this mouthblown glass carafe features a solid oak stopper that fits perfectly on top. Use for any type of cold beverage and wow guests. A generous capacity, the carafe holds 67 ounces and measures 7 3/4″ wide x 11″ high and is lead free and dishwasher safe. This carafe is part of Sagaform’s Nature series of classic serving and decorative design pieces with a focus on oak. Beautiful for everyday use or special occasions, you can find this showstopper on Amazon.

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3

Ready access to fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables is essential for preparing culinary masterpieces. The perfect solution is the Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 producing homegrown organic foods and flowers right in the kitchen. Not just your ordinary kitchen garden, it is a perfectly calibrated automatic system that waters, lights, and provides nutrients. Its Smart Soil is inspired by NASA technology, creating the perfect growing environment for plants – releasing timed nutrients, balancing soil pH, and employing tiny oxygen pockets. LED lighting is adjustable and provides enhanced light spectra to promote growth. Comes with three basil pods with over 50 other pod choices available online. Check out the Click and Grow website or Amazonand start growing the perfect garden!

PolyScience 4933 Breville Gun Pro Smoke Infuser

Now your home chef can smoke foods right in their home kitchen. This easy to use smoking gun imparts natural smoke flavor and aroma to meat, fish, vegetables, dessert, beverages, and cocktails. The PolyScience 4933 Breville Gun Pro Smoke Infuser is intended for professional or home chefs and mixologists. It comes with a 17.5-inch extender hose for precise placement of smoke. An easy-turn dial adjusts airflow and smoke intensity. Use just about any combustible such as various wood chips, teas, herbs, spices, hay, or dried flowers. Smoke using a cloche over plated food or in a blender, cocktail shaker, or covered container. It’s super convenient and so easy to clean up. It’s a must-have for the chef in your life. Check this out on Amazon.

Cuisinart Compressor Ice Cream and Gelato Maker

Satisfy the most discriminating ice cream lover with the incredible Cuisinart Compressor Ice Cream and Gelato Maker. A commercial-style compressor ensures endless batches without any wait time to reuse. A 60-minute timer and two mixing paddles ensure perfect consistency for up to 1-1/2-quarts of gelato, ice cream, or sorbet. Get creative with the included recipe book and with a little imagination, the sky’s the limit! After a batch is completed, a 10-minute Keep Cool cycle kicks in. Fully automatic with a touchpad control panel and LCD readout makes using this ice cream maker a breeze. Ready for out-of-this-world frozen treats? Indulge and go to Amazon to add this to your kitchen gadgets.

Cangshan TS Series 8-Piece Knife Block Set

Uncompromising quality is what chefs expect when it comes to top performance knives. The Cangshan TS Series 1020878 Swedish Sandvik 14C28N Steel Forged 8-Piece Knife Set comes with a handcrafted walnut block and will please any home chef. Built with premium materials and precision craftsmanship, the full tang is forged from high alloy Swedish Sandvik 14C28N Steel that has exceptional sharpness and holds an edge up to 5 times longer than the German Steel version. Patented ergonomic handles provide the chef with a comfortable, easy-in-the-hand grip and feel. The TS Series provides chefs with dynamic balance, sharp focus, and a refined tactile experience. For award-winning performance knives peruse the Cangshan website or check out the knife block set on Amazon to add this to your kitchen gadgets.