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Boomer Magazine | Chuck Banker | ThroomersMy name is Chuck Banker and I am a ‘Throomer,’ which stands for ‘thriving boomer.’ After a thirty year career in law and financial services, I’ve been officially retired for almost three years now. Perhaps turning age 65 was the impetus I needed to make a change, resulting in three important decisions:


♦ I am not ready to retire in the traditional sense. Not a chance. But, I no longer want a real job with a real boss.


♦ I am not interested in any venture where I have to ‘hunt’ or ‘chase after’ clients. Been there, done that. Obviously, this is a limiting dictum since virtually every profession requires the sale of something. Whether it be a product or service, or even making a new friend, success in life requires selling ourselves and our ideas to others.


♦ I realized (with a little help from my significant other) that I was past ready to do something constructive with my spare time, because, well, there’s simply been too much spare time in my life.


That’s when the idea of throomers.com came to being. I decided that I wanted to publish an online magazine that would target one of the most desirable yet least-penetrated markets, baby boomers along with the important people in their lives. That’s right, people just like me, born between 1946 and 1964, and our families and friends. After exhausting every conceivable title for my project, I finally came up with ‘Throomers,’ an energetic way to convey ‘thriving boomers,’ and the rest of the story has yet to be written.

Building the Team 

Boomer Magazine | Jim Rooney | ThroomersUnderstanding that my first step was to put together a viable team that could help shape and execute my vision, I huddled with a close friend and confidant, Jim Rooney. He’s another recently retired ‘Throomer’ with too much spare time on his hands.


What I didn’t know was that in addition to his successful career in the financial advisory business, Jim was also a frustrated writer and a good one at that. He’s told me that when he sits at the keyboard and starts tapping away, time just disappears. It has often been referred to as “being in the zone,” a state of high energy, productivity and bliss. It doesn’t get much better than that.


Jim and I don’t agree on everything, but we’ve always had a ton of respect for each other. That’s good on both accounts as we provide a counter-balance to each other’s thinking, and our respectful collaboration always has improved the finished product.


Boomer Magazine | Beulah Yogi | ThroomersI can’t think of a better partner for this venture, except for one small thing. Combining our various skill sets in the digital media business only serves to make us doubly inept at such critical necessities as website design and management, social media marketing, and other related responsibilities. So, my next obvious step was to address this abyss by finding a superior digital media and marketing professional. In that regard, I was extremely fortunate to know one of the best in this business, Beulah Yogi.


In terms of her skills, creativity and work ethic, there’s no one better than Beulah. I’ve collaborated with her in my previous career and just knew that she was the one. In fact, without adding this marketing dynamo to the team, the entire project was a non-starter. Luckily, Beulah shared my vision and was excited to join the partnership. Suddenly, we had a team in place and were off to the races.


Not surprisingly, as soon as we started to put together our vision, we realized that we needed more talent to craft articles that would entertain our readers and encourage them to return. Beulah was fortunate to have worked with Ellen Rowley and knew that she would be the perfect fit for this venture with an exceptional skill set and expertise in this arena. Ellen joined us as our Editor-in-Chief and applies her amazing abilities to honing our articles.


It soon became apparent that we needed talented, experienced writers who we could rely upon for our content. We could not be more fortunate to  have been introduced to Armando Diaz,  Attiyya Atkins  and Chris Sadaat. We are also very fortunate to have contributors such as Dr. Joel Kahn, David PrattDavid SoliePam Abraham,  Jan Kindl,  Jaclyn Banker,  Alyssa Hiller,  Jim Blackburn,  Taylor Hagood and more. We are so grateful for their contributions. Please take a look at their respective bios by clicking on their names to learn a little more about them.

Building the Brand 

What next? So many ideas were caroming around it was hard to sleep through the night. So we winnowed them down to a few primary questions, which were: Could we create an online community of peers as curious and excited as we were? Peers seeking interesting, entertaining and relevant information customized for our demographic? And once we got started, could we provide enough consistently superior content to make throomers.com a vital and recognized digital media brand?


I started canvassing Throomer friends and acquaintances from all walks of life to determine which topics were particularly important to them, and which would most attract a broad range of our peers. I heard the good and the bad from the optimists and the pessimists. I appreciated all the sincerely-held feedback, and from this input made three more decisions about how and where we would focus our attention.


♦ We would focus on positivity as both a daily habit and an overriding theme for our project. I knew we’d need this high energy attitude to keep us motivated as we muddled through the ups and downs of our new business venture. I understand that only with unbridled optimism and the energy it produces can any dream manifest to a preferred outcome. Truly, the only way to “thrive” in life is with consistent positivity. It keeps us on a path of growth and is a fundamental concept we want to deliver to our readers.


♦ We would focus on areas of common interest to our peers. After months of research, we decided our broad topics would be:


  • Profiles of Revolutionary Individuals
  • Distinctive Careers, Products and Services
  • Health and Wellness
  • Finances – Freedom and Independence
  • Travel and Related Interests
  • Hobbies, Passions and Inspirations

♦ As to our content, we would focus on identifying extraordinary professionals across all our topics and where possible we’d partner with them. They would provide compelling, state-of-the-art information in their areas of expertise and oftentimes tell their life stories to our readers, and in return, we’d provide them a new, exciting venue and potentially lucrative audience for their products and services.

The Real Work 

I said earlier that under no circumstances do I want to “hunt or chase after clients.” I am adamant about that. Instead, I want to build something so appealing that they happily find us. But, I also said that achieving “success in life requires selling ourselves and our ideas to others.”


So, I found myself “hunting” and “chasing after” extraordinary professionals who would be willing to provide our content. Surprisingly, I found myself having fun, spending extensive periods of time “in the zone.” I approached people I knew well and others I didn’t know at all, and I explained our Throomers concept, our mission, our objectives, and how we might benefit them. I’m still doing that today, and every day.


I hate rejection, simply hate it. And I’ve suffered some of that, mostly with their silence. But, I’ve also been met with extremely positive feedback. One thing we’ve learned for certain about the digital media business – as in any fledgling business – the real work will never end. So we’d better enjoy what we’re doing. Because Throomers is something I believe in passionately and know can be a success, the “real work” doesn’t feel like drudgery and it’s definitely not a job.


I am confident we have a good, marketable concept but the question remains, can we pull it off? I am pleased to say that you, our ‘Throomer’ readers, will have the chance to judge for yourselves.

What You Can Expect 

I’ve called Throomers an “online magazine,” and by definition we will be that. But not a “magazine” in the traditional sense, meaning published in January and remaining static for a month or more. Instead, we’ll be a dynamic website with regularly changing content and access to all we’ve previously published in an easy-to-retrieve archive. Nearly every time you visit, you’ll see fresh content relevant to thriving boomers. We intend to provide pertinent information meant to educate, entertain and inspire our readers to take a new action to improve their lives. Just how will we do that? Following are a few of the ways.


‘Rock Star’ Profiles, along with exclusive Q&As 


When we were young, starting with Elvis, Chuck Berry, the Beatles, the Stones, Janis, the Doors, the Allman Brothers, and countless others, we all wanted to be rock stars. We wanted to move a generation with our musical talents, not to mention attract pretty girls.


At Throomers, we profile people who are “moving” this generation, musically or otherwise. We’re focusing on the broad landscape of entrepreneurial spirits doing revolutionary work to improve whatever worlds they are touching. These are the people we celebrate and hold up as examples for the rest of us to learn from and follow.


Right out of the gate we’ll be profiling a New York Times best-selling author, a legendary sports agent, and the first woman in U.S. military history to achieve a Four Star General ranking. We’ll also be examining the life of a fascinating and historic man involved with nearly every controversial celebrity death in the past five decades (not as the perpetrator). We’ll also feature a Grammy Award-winning musician (a literal rock star) with a truly inspiring story, and a former Navy SEAL officer whose achievements have led to his being named as one of the 50 most daring entrepreneurs in the world.


Keeping to the theme of top-notch works of art, we’ll introduce you to an exceptional ‘Throomer’ who as a young man traveled from Africa to America on a basketball scholarship and has since become a successful and collected sculptor. And, we’ll visit with a retired actor whose amazing home is filled to the rafters with the greatest American folk art collection you could ever imagine.


Many of our featured guests will answer our exclusive ‘Throomers Seven Questions,’ giving us insight into their greatest accomplishments, how they’ve dealt with adversity, how they relax in their spare time, the importance of giving back to their communities, advice they may have to offer, and whatever else is on their minds. All Throomers are sure to benefit from their words of wisdom.


Distinctive Careers, Products and Services 

There are courageous, adventurous people all over the country and world doing the difficult, day-to-day work of making our lives better, oftentimes in the shadows. We’ll be shining the light on them they so rightfully deserve. They are entrepreneurs busy with their products and services revolutionizing our lives, or they soon will be.


We’ll also visit with two best friends who joined together to create the largest electric bicycle company in the industry. Not to mention, are you familiar with the machine that actually steams, presses and folds our clothing? Seriously, we’re not kidding.  And there’ll be many more to follow.


Health and Wellness

What topic matters more to Throomers? In fact, it’s usually at the top of our ‘most-important’ list. After all, vibrant health allows for the full enjoyment of every other available pleasure in life. We’ll present extraordinary professionals across the health industry who will be culling from the latest trends across this vast category to make us aware of the critical issues of the day.



Financial freedom is always near the top of ‘throomers’ concerns. The best financial and tax advisors in the industry will keep us informed in critical areas such as retirement, wills and trusts, investment outlooks, and how best to support our most cherished causes.


We’re of the mind that boomers can ‘thrive’ at nearly any level of net worth, as long as our cash flow and expenses are aligned. Once we have more than enough to live our desired lifestyle, we are then truly free to make decisions on our terms.


Whether that net worth is $500,000, $1 million, $2.5 million, $5 million, or something north of that, if we are truly independent of financial worries that’s when the thriving begins. At Throomers, we are primarily focused on ‘thriving.’


Leisure Travel

Is another major area of interest for throomers, especially when we feel the freedom to follow our leisure desires. We’ll have you covered both domestically and across the globe with article topics ranging from unique road trips, seasonal destinations, special events, to planning dream vacations. For instance, have you ever taken a road trip to a regional music festival? Since Woodstock, we mean? If you’re interested, we’ll help you with plenty of fresh ideas. How about “glamping” in Southern Africa? Have you ever been? Are you curious? We’ll be hearing from the best experts in the travel industry on that and much more.


Hobbies, Passions and Inspirations 

These will broadly include art, antiques, collectibles, museums, fine literature, history, architecture, dream homes, music, theater, casual and fine dining, wine, craft beer and cocktails, style, fashion, accessories, participation sports, tech gadgets, etc. You know, all the things we think about when we’re supposed to be at our desks working.


Many of our topics will cross over into several categories. Such as, participation sports are usually related to both our fitness goals and travel plans. These all can involve such activities as hiking, mountain climbing, whitewater rafting, skiing, ice skating, golf, tennis, resistance training, and any number of other physical pursuits. We’ll think of all our categories in this connective manner, seeking to organize and rationalize them for your convenience and reading pleasure.


In Closing 

We are excited and hopeful that you will come back to Throomers for more and more information, entertainment and inspiration. We’re also depending on you to spread the word, tell your friends all about Throomers.


With appropriate humility, we understand we cannot do this without you, our dedicated readers. With your advocacy and support, we are committed to building an interactive community of curious, growth-oriented peers who are interested mainly in positivity, staying active and healthy, continuing to learn, enjoying new leisure and entertainment ideas, and those seeking support in dealing with adversity. Our mission is to become one of your ‘go-to’ online destinations, and to that end we are interested in hearing from you.


Email us at info@throomers.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


If You Are Interested in Becoming a Throomers Participant 

As we continue to build our superior content and staff of contributors, we’re looking forward to hearing from writers, bloggers and experts in all our various fields who would be interested our publishing their content on Throomers.com. You can be certain we will be grateful partners to all who’ve expressed an interest or submitted their topics and articles for consideration.


We understand that an important part of building an online community is providing you a cozy home, a place to visit often, to learn new ideas and express your points of view. We want Throomers to be that place for you.


We’re looking forward to hearing from you regarding how we can make our website more relevant, interesting, timely, educational and enjoyable.

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