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Boomer Magazine | Chuck Banker | ThroomersMy name is Chuck Banker and I am a ‘Throomer,’ which stands for ‘thriving boomer.’ After a thirty year career in law and financial services, I’ve been officially retired for more than four years now. Perhaps turning age 65  last year was the impetus I needed to make a change.  With a little help from my significant other, I realized that I was ready to do something constructive with my spare time.


That’s when the idea of throomers.com came to being. I decided that I wanted to publish an online magazine that would target one of the most desirable yet least-penetrated markets, baby boomers along with the important people in their lives. That’s right, people just like me, born between 1946 and 1964, and our families and friends. After exhausting every conceivable title for my project, I finally came up with ‘Throomers,’ an energetic way to convey ‘thriving boomers,’ and the rest of the story has yet to be written.


Boomer Magazine | Beulah Yogi | ThroomersI have been incredibly fortunate to partner with Beulah Yogi-Grueschow.  As I said a year ago, in terms of her skills, creativity and work ethic, there’s no one better than Beulah.   We could not be more thrilled with our editor-in-chief, Ellen Rowley, whose exceptional skill set is highlighted in each and every article. And we feel blessed to work with our writers, most notably Attiyya Anthony, Lisa Mathisen, Armando Diaz, and Jim Rooney.


We started publishing in January, 2019, and as we celebrate our first anniversary, Beulah and I have learned quite a bit about our readers, and the content that they find most compelling.  We were thrilled to learn that our audience is much broader than initially anticipated, with “throomers” representing only 35% of total readership.  We also learned that our focus on positivity is refreshing to our readers, an escape from the depressing news that too often dominates our lives.  Our focus on those who inspire us, people from all backgrounds who are making a difference in today’s world, continues to attract more and more people to our website.


What differentiates us from others is our sole focus on positivity, inspiration, and philanthropy. Readers will never find anything controversial or any “bad news” at Throomers — we write about extraordinary people who inspire us to better ourselves, and countless ways to enhance every lifestyle.  We feel there is too much negativity intruding on our daily lives, that’s why we strive to provide content that gives our readers an uplifting reading experience. We want Throomers to be a leading destination to learn something new, find enrichment, leave with a smile, and come back for more.


Thus, we will continue to focus on positivity as both a daily habit and an overriding theme for our project. We will continue to discover extraordinary people who inspire us with their actions, whether it be in their professional capacity, or with their commitment to philanthropy.  And we will deliver compelling information regarding heath, lifestyle, travel, food, entertainment, products, and other areas of interest.


We are committed to delivering the best of the best while avoiding topics that are controversial or depressing. We hope you continue to enjoy our efforts and invite your family and friends to www.throomers.com!

If You Are Interested in Becoming a Throomers Participant 

As we continue to build our superior content and staff of contributors, we’re looking forward to hearing from writers, bloggers and experts in all our various fields who would be interested our publishing their content on Throomers.com. You can be certain we will be grateful partners to all who’ve expressed an interest or submitted their topics and articles for consideration.


We understand that an important part of building an online community is providing you a cozy home, a place to visit often, to learn new ideas and express your points of view. We want Throomers to be that place for you.


We’re looking forward to hearing from you regarding how we can make our website more relevant, interesting, timely, educational and enjoyable.

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  1. Vini Bellusci

    Hi Chuck,

    This sounds like an exciting venture and I wish you Good Luck!!! I hope I can find time to read at least a portion of it.

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